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Rosa's Nensou
Rosa's Memento

Mementos (called Nensou in Japan) are a mechanic that adds something similar to a fourth gear slot, although the attributes do stack with gear attributes. Mementos are obtained through gacha, and will have their own roll. Like other gacha, this will typically start with a discounted 500 gem pull, then sometimes feature a discounted 1500 gem second step; but the remaining steps will be 2500 gems. Unlike with characters or gear, the memento gacha is diluted because it also contains units. In Japan, you have a 6% chance to get a 5* memento, a 15% chance to get a 4* memeto, and a 79% chance to get a 3* memento; however, when the system was first introduced, there was a 6% chance to get a 5* memento, a 7% chance to get a 4* memento, a 21% chance to get a 3* memento, and a 66% chance to yield non-memento items.

A memento will grant a minor attribute bonus to whomever equips it. Then, depending on the memento, it will also grant additional, larger attributes to units of a certain group (such as a country, like Wratharis in the example to the right) and/or 1-4 specific units (such as Rosa, in the example to the right).

Memento cards gain experience by being "fed" other memento cards. There are special memento cards called Apple Ratties that provide a large experience bonus. These are typically obtained through tickets that can be earned through events.

Limit Breaking[edit | edit source]

Memento cards need to be limit broken to unlock their full potential, just like gear. A memento must be fed itself a memento card of its own kind to limit break. Unlike with gear, you don't need to be at max level to limit break. You'll have to feed the memento five copies of itself to fully max it out. Each copy of itself will also provide +5% towards the Vision Clear Reward.

Vision Clear Reward (VCR)[edit | edit source]

Vision Clear Rewards, or VCR, are rewards provided for fully leveling up a memento's vision experience (similar to Trust Mastery from Brave Exvius). This is often, but not always, a gear that is exclusively obtained through that memento. This gear is usually fairly powerful, and when obtained from a character's memento, these gears will often provide a special benefit to that unit.

To gain vision experience:

  • Feed a copy of a card to itself. Each time you do this gives +5%. You can do this more than five times, but there are only five limit break levels.
  • Run missions (without using skip tickets) with the memento equipped to a unit on your team. This provides a chance to gain +1% towards the VCR.
  • There are certain memento that can be fed to a card to increase its vision experience.

Skin[edit | edit source]

Some memento cards provide a special character skin that can be exclusively obtained through the memento.