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Fiona's Memento
Fiona's Memento

Mementos (called Nensou in Japan) are a mechanic that adds something similar to a fourth gear slot, although the attributes do stack with gear attributes. A memento will grant a minor attribute bonus to whomever equips it. Then, depending on the memento, it will also grant additional, larger attributes to units of a certain group (such as a country) and/or 1-4 specific units. In the example to the right, all units get a minor health bonus, units from Slothenstein get a large health bonus, and Fiona, Edgar, and Veloz get an agility bonus on top of their other bonuses. Mementos can also provide special abilities or skins to the unit wearing it.

Memento Benefits[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

The base stats provided by a memento are only given to the unit who equips it. These stats scale with the level of the memento.

Group Skills[edit | edit source]

The group skills of a memento are provided to all units within the unit group that are present in the party, as long as one unit in that group has the memento equipped. The group skills will not stack if multiple units in the group have the same memento equipped. There may be multiple group skills on a memento with different unit triggers- often one group skill is for a single or small group of units, and another is for a much larger group of units. These stats scale with the level of the memento and also may gain additional bonuses with limit breaks.

Group skill benefits are only provided in combat, which means that if the unit dies you will lose the buff. If the unit is in subs, you will not get the benefit until they enter combat.

Vision Abilities[edit | edit source]

Vision abilities on the memento are generally available without limit breaks or level requirements, but they often scale based on the limit break of the memento. Some vision abilities are available to all units, but others may be restricted based on various factors such as unit, job or origin.

Vision Clear Reward[edit | edit source]

Vision Clear Rewards (VCR) are rewards provided for fully leveling up a memento's vision experience (similar to Trust Mastery from Brave Exvius). This is often, but not always, a gear that is exclusively obtained through that memento. This gear is usually fairly powerful, and when obtained from a character's memento, these gears will often provide a special benefit to that unit. The vision clear reward is displayed in the upper right of the memento screen.

Skin[edit | edit source]

Some mementos provide a special character skin when the memento is equipped.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Most mementos are obtained through gacha, and will have their own roll. Like other gacha, this will typically start with a discounted 500 gem pull, then sometimes feature a discounted 1500 gem second step; but the remaining steps will be 2500 gems. Unlike with characters or gear, the memento gacha is diluted because it also contains units. This is temporary, in Japan once there were a good supply of memento available the memento summon no longer included units.

Some memento are provided through other sources such as temporary or permanent events.

Upgrading Mementos[edit | edit source]

Limit Breaking[edit | edit source]

Limit breaking a memento will increase the stats granted by it, the maximum level, adds 100% to the alchemic boundary cap, and sometimes gives additional bonus stats at max limit break. A memento maximum limit break is 5. The vision abilities provided by memento will often also scale based on limit breaks. You can view the enhancements to group bonuses from limit breaks under "Enhancement Bonus".

A memento must be fed a duplicate memento to limit break. Unlike with gear, you don't need to be at max level to limit break. You'll have to feed the memento five copies of itself to fully max it out. If the copy also has limit breaks, those will be copied to the memento you are feeding it to. Each copy of itself will also provide +5% alchemic boundary towards the Vision Clear Reward, plus whatever alchemic boundary the copy was at and experience towards leveling the memento based on the level of the duplicate copy. You can limit break a memento under "Enhance".

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Memento cards gain experience by being "fed" other memento cards. See the Memento Experience Chart to check how much experience is required to level. Leveling mementos will increase the base and group stat bonuses.

Leveling Specific Mementos[edit | edit source]

There are special memento cards called Apple Ratties that provide a large experience bonus. These are primarily obtained through Apple Garden event quests, but can also be obtained through milestones, missions, and events such as Vision Quest. Increasing the level of a memento will increase the stats provided by it. You can level a memento under "Enhance [Bulk]".

Image Name Rarity Experience
Ratty's Excursion
Ratty's Excursion 1 2,000
Ratty's Companions
Ratty's Companions 2 4,000
Ratty's Bliss
Ratty's Bliss 3 10,000
Ratty's New Hope
Ratty's New Hope 4 50,000

Standard Mementos[edit | edit source]

Whenever you feed standard mementos (any except the leveling specific ones) to another memento (under "Enhance") the memento will gain experience proportional to the rarity and level of the memento. Because of this, it can be advantageous to level a memento some before merging it into another memento, as long as the experience required to get to the next level is lower than the bonus per level. Note that you do not have to use a duplicate for this, but only duplicates will also increase alchemic boundary and limit breaks when used for enhancing.

Rarity Initial Experience Bonus Per Level Above 1 Optimal Level For Duplicate
5 20,000 10,000 11
4 10,000 5,000 8
3 4,000 2,000 4

Alchemic Boundary[edit | edit source]

Vision Clear Rewards, or VCR (possibly called Alchemic Boundary in the global version), are rewards provided for fully leveling up a memento's vision experience (similar to Trust Mastery from Brave Exvius). This is often, but not always, a gear that is exclusively obtained through that memento. This gear is usually fairly powerful, and when obtained from a character's memento, these gears will often provide a special benefit to that unit. The current alchemic boundary of a memento is displayed in the upper right of the memento screen.

There is no benefit from alchemic boundary aside from the VCR that you get when you reach 100%. For each limit break on the memento, another 100% alchemic boundary cap is added, and you can receive another copy of the VCR at each additional 100% breakpoint.

Note: Free memento generally have a limit of 1 VCR reward transmuted. Any VCR which gives only shards for a gear usually is limited to 1.

To gain vision experience:

  • Feed a copy of a card to itself. Each time you do this gives +5% plus any alchemic boundary already on the copy. You can do this more than five times, but there are only five limit break levels.
  • Run missions which cost AP (without using skip tickets) with the memento equipped to a unit on your team. This provides a chance to gain +1% towards the VCR.
  • Run special events such as Vision Quest, which provide bonus alchemic boundary (typically 1% per run with a 3/day limit) to specific memento. Sometimes specific EXs provide alchemic boundary to specific mementos (usually ones tied to that event).
  • Reminiscences of a Robot Reminiscences of a Robot can be fed to a card to increase its alchemic boundary by 5%. This is a relatively rare drop from Vision Quest and can sometimes be obtained from other sources.

Currently Available Mementos[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity VCR Source Notes
A Hopeful Future
A Hopeful Future 5 Dressed-up Allie ShardDressed-up Allie Shard x 777 Fiona Challenge Board When obtained this gives a free unit Fiona
A Momentary Rest
A Momentary Rest 3 Research NotebookResearch Notebook x 30 Summon
A Special Day
A Special Day 3 Summon
All You Need is Meat!
All You Need is Meat! 4 Summon
An Unexpected Discovery
An Unexpected Discovery 4 Unusual Melpoto MushroomUnusual Melpoto Mushroom x 30 Summon
Ancient Garb
Ancient Garb 5 Time Limited Summon
Anything for You
Anything for You 4 Gold Alchemia PotGold Alchemia Pot x 200 Summon
Beloved Hat
Beloved Hat 3 Summon
Blade Concealed by Dark Clouds
Blade Concealed by Dark Clouds 4 Summon
Burning Briefly but Brightly
Burning Briefly but Brightly 3 Summon
Burning Desert Vow
Burning Desert Vow 5 Summon
Bygone Days of Kinship
Bygone Days of Kinship 5 Summon
Crossroads of Destiny
Crossroads of Destiny 5 Limited Summon (Etrian Odyssey)
Devastating Defeat
Devastating Defeat 5 Summon
Engraved in the Soul
Engraved in the Soul 4 Summon
Flowers for the Departed
Flowers for the Departed 3 Great LanceGreat Lance x 30 Summon
Fruits of Labor
Fruits of Labor 3 Summon
Goals and Admiration
Goals and Admiration 4 Summon
Growing Kinship
Growing Kinship 5 Summon
Guardian of the White Sands
Guardian of the White Sands 5 Summon
I Return to Ash
I Return to Ash 5 Summon
I Won't Surrender to the Flames of Vengeance
I Won't Surrender to the Flames of Vengeance 5 Limited Summon (Attack on Titan)
I'll Protect You!
I'll Protect You! 5 Summon
Loving Family
Loving Family 4 Summon
Magic Girls' Brunch
Magic Girls' Brunch 5 Summon
My Ray of Sunshine
My Ray of Sunshine 5 Summon
No Pain, No Gain
No Pain, No Gain 4 Summon
No Tears for the Bride
No Tears for the Bride 5 Veil of Determination ShardVeil of Determination Shard x 777 Steel-Lined Wedding Aisle
Nocturnal Fox in Flight
Nocturnal Fox in Flight 5 Summon
Our Botanical Garden
Our Botanical Garden 4 Summon
Playing Dirty
Playing Dirty 3 Gold IngotGold Ingot x 20 Summon
Poppies Swaying in the Breeze
Poppies Swaying in the Breeze 4 Summon
Potential as Great as the Sea
Potential as Great as the Sea 5 Time Limited Summon
Pretty as a Picture
Pretty as a Picture 5 Time Limited Summon
Recommended Items
Recommended Items 3 Old Pocket WatchOld Pocket Watch x 15 Summon
Scarlet Flames of Bygone Days
Scarlet Flames of Bygone Days 5 Summon
Senko Collision
Senko Collision 5 Summon
Shall We Brunch Again?
Shall We Brunch Again? 4 Gold IngotGold Ingot x 100 Summon
Shayna Fanclub Membership Card
Shayna Fanclub Membership Card 3 Summon
Shooting Star Wishes
Shooting Star Wishes 5 Summon
Soldier's Respite
Soldier's Respite 3 Flame Emperor ArmorFlame Emperor Armor x 15 Summon
Special Technique - Fruits of Maintenance
Special Technique - Fruits of Maintenance 5 Time Limited Summon
Spider Lily Vows
Spider Lily Vows 5 Summon
Strategist's Busy Day
Strategist's Busy Day 4 Summon
Study Guide
Study Guide 5 Summon
Taking What's Owed
Taking What's Owed 3 Gold IngotGold Ingot x 20 Summon
The Elusive Princess Knight
The Elusive Princess Knight 3 Crystal AppleCrystal Apple x 100 Summon
The Freedom of a Mercenary
The Freedom of a Mercenary 4 Summon
The New Continental Justice
The New Continental Justice 5 Summon
The Smoky Blues
The Smoky Blues 5 Time Limited Summon When obtained this gives a unit Don Taras
Thousand-Nights Poppy
Thousand-Nights Poppy 5 Summon
To Do What's Right
To Do What's Right 5 Summon
To be a Lady
To be a Lady 4 Summon
Unfulfilled Dark Ambition
Unfulfilled Dark Ambition 5 Summon
Unsung Heroes
Unsung Heroes 4 Summon
Victorious Crimson Arrow
Victorious Crimson Arrow 5 Scout Regiment Emblem ShardScout Regiment Emblem Shard x 777 Free
Vision of the Future
Vision of the Future 3 Enchantment CoinEnchantment Coin x 2000 Summon
Warm Memory
Warm Memory 3 Agatha's StewAgatha's Stew x 20 Summon
What Burns Within
What Burns Within 4 Summon