Monthly Coin Exchange

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Note: This shop no longer seems to run monthly. There is no indication it will return.

Every month there is a special coin exchange themed for the month. The coin name and the shop name changes each month and is often tied to a holiday or special event. You can get various soul shards and items in the shop.

Typically at the beginning of the month the shop theme will change and with the shop change you will receive 250 coins. You will then get 100 coins from the daily missions for every day you log in during the month. Every month, the shop will feature different Unit Soul Shards.

The following items usually appear in the shop but the contents can vary each month:

Item Price Max Slots
5⭐Unit Soul Shards x5 150 5 Varies
4⭐Unit Soul Shards x5 100 5 Varies
Skip Ticket x 5 25 5 1
Reminiscences of a Robot 100 5 1
Alchemy Droplets x 5 50 5 1
Alchemy Drops x 5 100 5 1
Gold Ingot x5 25 5 1
Gold Alchemia Pot x5 25 5 1
Crystal Apple x5 25 5 1
Adamantine Ore x5 25 5 1

Note:5⭐Unit Soul Shards can include limited units.