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Multiplayer quests are quests that can be completed with multiple players instead of with multiple units of your own. There are 4 slots available in a multiplayer quest (it is possible to start with less than 4). Each player can select one character to use in the quest. The quest can’t be started until all players present indicate they are ready.

One player hosts the quest and will pay the AP costs for it (at half the cost of the normal event quest) and will need to pay for any gems used to continue in case of failure. All other players pay no costs to join the quest. You should do at least one multiplayer quest a day for the daily reward.

If a player disconnects during a multiplayer quest, their account is played by the game AI until they reconnect.

Multiplayer versions of quests are usually available for the evolve and job token event quests and most hard/EX event quests. Sometimes lower level limited event quests also will have a multiplayer version available.

Note for newer players: You should not join any multiplayer quests labeled hard or EX until you are at least level 60 and have mastered the job of the character you are using. These quests are usually very difficult and require coordination and a strong team (often with a specific character composition). If you really want to complete these quests for the milestone rewards, you can host and offer in your comments section to spend gems to continue in case of failure- sometimes players will be willing to carry you through a difficult quest if you are willing to gem.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

You get multiplayer coins for doing multiplayer quests, which can be used in the Multi Coin Exchange to buy a few useful items such as apples and gear shards. The host of a multiplayer quest gets double the normal number of multiplayer coins.

Restricted Access[edit | edit source]

If you wish to restrict access to a multiplayer group there is an option to do so. When you do this you are given a code on the multiplayer quest screen that you can give to your friends to enter so they can join your multiplayer quest. This is commonly done when coordinating with other players in Discord chat to form multiplayer groups for the more difficult multiplayer quests. You can also remove the password on the quest once all the people you have invited have joined, which can be useful when you are short a player.