Murmur Matches

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Murmur Matches
Murmur Matches

5★‎ Gear
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Thief Hunter Shadow Assassin Ranger

Equippable on Thief, Hunter, Shadow Assassin, & Ranger units from Wratharis
Type Accessory
Source VCR (Burning Briefly but Brightly)
Item Shard
Murmur Matches Shard

Matches from Bar "Murmur," operated by the Wratharis informant, Vanekis. The small flame generated from these matches can cause gigantic fires and symbolizes how seemingly trivial information can shape larger trends.

Attributes: Debuff Res Up, Hit Rate Up. Unlocks Master Ability "One-Strike Inferno" (Doubles own PATK & DEX for one turn). Unlocks Master Ability "Trick Coal" when equipped on Sabareta (Raises PATK, DEX & AGI for three turns after appearing on map)