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This list of resources should help you get started right on your adventure in The Alchemist Code.

First Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Beginner's Guide - some useful basic starting guidance
  • Starting Unit Guide - this GoogleDoc will give you an idea of which units you may want to prioritize early on and whether you should consider rerolling
  • Reroll Guide - if you are trying for an optimal start, this guide will explain the process of rerolling and give some idea of which units to look for

Unit Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Basic Unit Mechanics - this will explain some of the basics of how units work
    • Character Shards - guidance on how to get character shards to raise your units to higher max level and access additional jobs
    • Equipment - some basic guidance on how to get equipment and what it's used for
    • Gear - some basic guidance on how to get gear and what it's used for
    • List of Units - lists all units currently released in the game
    • Free Units - lists all units acquired for free, from temporary or permanent quests
    • Memento - some basic information on what mementos are
  • Jobs - this will explain some of the basics of how jobs work
    • List of Jobs - this lists all the jobs available to units currently released in the game with short summaries of what they do
    • Job Upgrades - this explains what job upgrades have been released and how they are acquired

Combat Mechanics[edit | edit source]

What to Do[edit | edit source]

  • Milestones - milestones are one of the main reward systems in the game, this explains the various types
    • Daily Milestones - these are generally recommended to do every day and are your primary source of AP
  • Story Quests - these quests will give you many rewards through milestones and challenges, as well as provide access to good equipment farming quests and hard quests for farming character shards
    • Challenges - these are an additional reward system you can progress through when doing story quests (the 6th challenge board gives a 5 star unit selector)
    • Farmable Character Shards - lists which character shards currently can be farmed through hard quests and where to find their quests
  • Event Quests - these quests are a mixture of limited time events and some permanent quests that are separate from the main story
    • Multiplay - many event quests have a multiplayer version (new players get 25 gems from the first 10 players they meet in multiplayer quests)
    • Babel Chronicles - this is a special permanent story event where you play units provided for you (except for the EX quests) and learn more about the history of some of the units
  • Arena - this is an additional source of daily gems (for new players it's recommended to deliberately climb the arena ranks slowly to maximize gems)
  • Mystic Tower Veda - this is a special event available periodically (usually once a month for 2 weeks) that you can slowly progress through to receive significant rewards

Summoning[edit | edit source]

  • Acquiring Gems - reference on the various ways in the game to collect gems for summoning
  • Spending Guide - reference on how to best optimize spending of real world money in the game, including tips on ways to purchase gems without spending money

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Friends - explains how the friends system works (a key source of mercenaries and friend coins)
  • Current and Upcoming News and Events - overview of what new limited time and permanent changes are expected soon
  • Alchemist Code DB - helpful database of units, items, gear, quests and milestones, as well as a unit planner
  • Zeni Management - how to manage/acquire in-game money
  • Shops - some information on the various shops available and what you can get from them (for new players the beginner shop is a high priority and monitoring other shops for equipment can also be useful)
  • Guides and Rankings - additional sources of useful information
  • Glossary of Terms - clarifies common terms used in reference to the game
  • Login Bonuses
  • Also feel free to ask questions in the Discord channel in #ac_questions