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Between 1 and 101 Player level

  • All stages cost 0 AP
  • Unit level is restricted to Player level.
  • You need level 85 for one of New Player milestones by your 7th day
  • Use Mercenaries it is much easier to clear stages! Visit Discord #friend_codes to look for friend or ask using in game chat!
  • Story quests give lots of player XP!
  • Do not rush to level 101 once you hit level 85!
    • Clear event stages, obtain milestones, farm gear, unit shards. Some stages cost up to 60AP after you hit 101.

Don't be afraid to try out stages you may not clear, check global Discord or Youtube for guides. InvoFang is doing great job to show how to clear EX/EX+/Hell Stages!

Retreating from Events/Quests with 0/X daily limit doesn't count against your limit!

Remember to do your Daily Events/Quests

Raise your unit main job levels

This is where your unit get most of statistics from, also it is much more important than unit level! Once job level is at 11, you can fill all equipment slots to obtain Job Mastery!
Here's small comparison:

Lv. 60 Unit with Job 1/11 without Job Master bonus
Lv. 60 Unit with Job 11/11 with Job Master bonus

Don't forget about other jobs!

What each limit break brings to your unit?

Example of Job Master bonus stat %

At 5 Limit breaks, +5 levels 1st job unlocked


10 limit breaks, +10 levels additional gear Slot


15 limit breaks, +15 levels 2nd Job unlocked


20 limit breaks, +20 levels and some units receive Master Ability

25 limit breaks, +25 levels and additional gear slot, ability to unlock Unit Enlightenment and some units receive Babel War Art mission.

There are "three unit groups"

  • Farmable - In this group, you can get 3 shards a day from Hard Quest,
  • EX Hard Quest 1 shard a day,
  • Event limited shard quests,

You do NOT want to use Unit shards to limit break your unit if it is EX Hard Quest / Event Limited

You do WANT to use Unit shards to limit break unit if you can farm 3 shards a day

*Note that you need to complete Story chapters to unlock Hard Quests 3/day and EX Hard Quest 1/day for certain units

*Other units are locked under different story events, such as Babel Chronicles

Please visit Discord #ac_questions to double check if you are not sure.

Elemental Shards / Rainbow Shards[edit | edit source]

Ss (2020-08-13 at 10.25.26).png

New Players first 7 days


Don't forget to do Event & Daily Milestones!

Event Milestones

There are multiple rewards you can claim on each day, don't forget to clear requirements!

Relief Selector is strongly recommended!
Daily Milestone

For completing Normal/Hard/Event Quests you receive daily stars. You can obtain 500 Gems & 15 Rainbow Shards from it every week!

You can get 180 Gems a day and 1 TAC Coin

Remember to check Secret Shop - Beginners's Shop and buy everything there for Zeni!

It is in Secret Shop

You can find very good deals available for you for first 7 days.

This is one time only deal to buy Complete equipment set for 100 gems!

Setsuna Equipment to raise her main job to Lv 11 and Tob Tokens to unlock additional jobs.
You can skip Othima complete set

Note : You do not want to use gems to purchase anything from normal Shops!

Suggestion what you can/cannot buy on daily basis in Louise, Maria or Anna shop:

Example of bad gem deals, and good zeni deal
Ore, Alchemia Pot and Skip Tickets - you need those!

In Summons you can check banners[edit | edit source]
  • Step 1 for 300 gems - For 10x Gear Summon
  • Step 1 for 500 gems - For 10x Unit Summon
  • Any 500 gem banners where you can get extra units early on

Come to Discord #ac_questions if you are not sure about banners that are currently available.

You can check other Secret Shops for Job Tokens that your units may need, you need to scroll all the way to the end for those!

These are few websites you may need.[edit | edit source]

  • New player Help Center - Visit here to get more detailed information for new players! :)
  • Alchemist Code Database - here is Database where you can check unit planner, unit stats, job information etc.
  • Global Tier list - this is Global tier list/unit guide. Take it with a bit of salt, SS Tier unit is not always "the best" unit out of the box, it may need a lot of investment to be SS Tier.
  • Global Mementos rated by usefulness - this is memento list, you may need it later on (lets say player level 150+)
  • #faq channel on global alchemist code Discord