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[New Story Quest] – Ch 5 Ep 1: Act 3 [edit | edit source]

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Continue recalling the past with Kamui as he continues with his training. An ominous prophecy reveals itself while Kamui learns of the reality behind the Protector of Sephiron. Does a method to safeguard everyone truly exist?

Chapter 5 Episode 1: Act 3 will be available after the update on November 14!

With this update, Kamui's Spiritbonder Job will be available!

Job tokens can be obtained from Milestone Missions.

Job equipment can be obtained from the following quests:

・Ch 5: Ep 1 [3-10]
・[Hard] Ch1: Ep 1 [1-1]

・Chapter 5 will be unlocked upon completion of Ch 1: Ep 1 [1-10].
・Kamui will be available in your units when Chapter 5 is unlocked.

Event Challenge Missions
News,017a3d09-4f6c-5d6a-926c-645147017eb4,news banner Chapter5 Challenge EN 1573124004928.png

Event Period
November 14, 12:00 AM - November 27, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Complete the set 1 to obtain 4★ Gear Summon Ticket!
Use this ticket to summon one guaranteed 4★ gear item.
(Excludes limited time and collab gear.)

Complete the set 2 to obtain 5★ Memento Summon Ticket!
Use this ticket to summon one 5★ Memento.

・Challenge rewards will be sent to Gifts.