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[Event] Xeno Belt Region - Realm of the Thunderous Emperor (Gluttony)

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Event Period
June 11, 12:00 AM - July 8, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 11, 1:00 AM - July 9, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Event Details:

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Clear up to Floor 30 of Xeno Belt Region - Realm of the Thunderous Emperor (Gluttony) to obtain attractive rewards such as Ring of Sin Tortonis Shard, Retribution for Sin, and Gems!

Here are some rewards you can obtain. Check in game for more details!

Note: Xeno Belt Region Coin can only be obtained from each floor after clearing Floor 30 and resetting the tower.

Floor Rewards
Floor 1 Gems x500
Xeno Belt Region Coin x100
Floor 27 Sinful Indulgence x5
Xeno Belt Region Coin x100
Floor 28 Retribution for Sin x4
Xeno Belt Region Coin x100
Floor 30 Ring of Sin Tortonis

Attributes: Jewels Obtained Up, Paralyze Res Up, Modify Strong vs Envy Up, Modify Strong vs Water Up

Xeno Belt Region Coin x200

・Xeno Belt Region costs 0 AP to enter!
・After clearing Floor 30, tower can be resetted without any cost. Subsequent Resets cost 500 gems.
・Mercenaries cannot be used.
・Items cannot be used in this Event.
・You can bring in units that are Level 20 and above, 5 units in the Main Party and 2 units in the Sub Party.
・If you manually retreat, the HP status will not be saved and it will return to the initial status before the battle started.
・If any of your units die during the battle, they will not be usable until you heal them.
・You can heal your units for free once per 12 hrs.
・Make use of elemental advantages and bring elements that are effective against the enemies for each floor!
・Take note that enemies use debuffs and status effects, so bring your own to turn the tides of battle!
・Unit HP will carry over to the next floor, so be aware of remaining HP!
・Take note that units inflicted with the status of Petrify at the end of battles are considered defeated!
・One-time reward on each floor can only be claimed once.

Xeno Belt Thunder Exchange Shop
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You can obtain Xeno Belt Region Coins after you have completed each floor of the tower!

During the event period, the Xeno Belt Thunder Exchange Shop will be open!

You can exchange the Xeno Belt Region Coins you earn from the event for items in that shop!

Exchange Period
June 11, 12:00 AM - July 15, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 11, 1:00 AM - July 16, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Items Include:
Retribution for Sin
Laila Soul Shard
Judith Soul Shard
Gerald Soul Shard
Lucia Soul Shard
Zofia Soul Shard
Mei Fang Soul Shard
Teona Soul Shard
Deneb Soul Shard
Lucretia Soul Shard
and more!

Check out the shop for more details!