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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (Apr 2020)

Dear Alchemists,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you and your families are healthy and safe. Stay strong and let’s get through these difficult times together! Thank you for your continued support throughout these trying times, and I hope that we have been able to provide a source of comfort and community as we maintain physical social distancing.

In this major update, we will be discontinuing support for the French, German, and Spanish languages options for the game. While these languages have been with us since the global release of THE ALCHEMIST CODE, by reallocating resources towards improving and developing the game, the entire Alchemist community will benefit from it.

We’ve hit a new milestone with our update to Version 6 and we’re celebrating this achievement with a whole host of new events! Take a shot at the celebration event quests, browse the shops for some spectacular deals, and take advantage of the special celebration summons while they’re around! Coupled with the release of new highly anticipated events and units, there’s plenty of activities for everyone!

With this update, we’ve introduced many new quality of life improvements to various areas of the game. The milestones tab has been revamped and along with this change comes the addition of Mission Point rewards which can be used to claim many valuable rewards! New daily milestones which awards essential resources have also been added and can be claimed simply by logging in during specific time periods.

Many screens have also received UI updates, such as the main story quest selection screen, which will make transitions between different story chapters easier. Additionally, the filter system in the Memento and Gear tabs has been improved with additional filters, and recommended mementos will now also be automatically equipped when using the auto-setup button!

I hope you have also enjoyed our recent slew of Global Exclusive content, from the absurdity of April Fool’s events, to the trials and tribulations endured by poor Soren throughout the recent White Day and Spring releases. Many of our units have received changes as well, from unit upgrades, buffs, to entirely new appearances! These are just the first of many Global updates that are in the works right now, and from new faces to long-awaited changes, there will be many new exciting things to look forward to in the days ahead! And as is tradition around here, here’s a little appetizer for some of the things on the horizon!

News,0782c14a-58ff-53d9-81b3-719b0915bc10,apr prod letter teaser 1587627104614.png

Finally, I would like to thank all our Alchemists in THE ALCHEMIST CODE. Although we may not have addressed every issue and concern of the community at this time, we are actively listening to player feedback, and with your continued support will strive to improve the game even more as we journey on ahead. Enjoy the various festivities, and remember to collect your giveaways in game! Stay safe, play@home, and we’ll see you all again very soon!

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Ross Song