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Known Issues - Updated December 10 [edit | edit source]

[Updated December 10]

Greetings Alchemists!

There's currently an issue with the Mission Clear: [Hard] Dark Phantoms Part Two - Ep5 from the Event Board.

For now, you'll need to clear [Hard] Dark Phantoms Part One - Ep 5 instead of the intended Part Two. We'll fix this on the next update (Dec 12) and we'll extend the said Event Board for another week 'til Dec 18

We'll send the following items to all players within 24hrs:

• Alchemy Droplets x5
• Event Skip Ticket x10

Sorry for this inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and continued support.

Greetings Alchemists!

Please take note of the following updates to Known Issues:

[Fixed] "Wonder Chronos" gear compatibility issue for Siegfried, Shion, Asuka, Zheng Yi.
[Fixed] Julia's Leader Skill Text Issue

Known Issue
Some of the Event Board side tabs are displayed in a different language for English users. This will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you very much for your patience and kind understanding.

Greetings Alchemists!

There's currently a text issue for Julia's Leader Skill.

CORRECT TEXT: Raises PDEF by 20%

The actual effect in-game is correct and working as intended. We've corrected the description in the News and we'll fix this in-game text issue as soon as possible, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.

Dear Alchemists,

Please be advised of the following known issues:

Adventurer Survival Guide
The Gear Ability is currently not working as intended.

Unit: Melda
Melda's stats are currently not working as intended.

Enhancement Material 10-Summon Ticket
The summon ticket is currently not appearing in Summon Ticket Page.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. These issues will be fixed in the next update.

Thank you very much for your patience and kind understanding.