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[Event] Chocolate☆Magic Rerun! [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
February 6, 12:00 AM - February 19, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Class change Noah to Magical Honor Student!

Class Change Skill Highlight
Drain Dimension → Flame Dimension
Fire Mag ATK on enemy unit & absorbs HP & greatly raises own MATK for one turn & bestows Strong vs Wind [Range: 5, Height Range: 2]

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Clear the event and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the job tokens and job equipment needed for Magical Honor Student.

EX stage will be available in both Events and Multiplay during the event period, so you can obtain the job equipment from either mode!

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Event Special Gear
Valentine's Charm
Attributes: Raises PDEF, MDEF, LUCK, unlocks Master Ability "Chocolate for a Friend" once evolved to 5★ (Consumes own HP and recovers Jewels within area around self [Range: 4, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2])

Complete the Milestone Mission and collect Valentine's Charm Shards to transmute the Event Exclusive Gear!

You can also collect Valentine Coins to exchange for more event gear shards as well as a rare Enlightenment material – Sinful Indulgence!

Valentine's Challenge
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Clear the Challenge Missions to obtain items such as Gems, 4★ Gear Summon Ticket and Orichalcum Ore!

Complete the set to obtain Noah Valentine Skin!

・Challenge rewards will be sent to Gifts.

Valentine Coin Exchange Shop


Exchange Period
February 6, 12:00 AM - February 12, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Valentine Coins can be used to exchange for awesome items such as Valentine's Charm Shards, [Max x1 Special] Sinful Indulgence, and Gold Alchemia Pots!