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[Event] EO - Get Collab unit - Fencer! [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
April 4, 12:00 AM - April 24, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 4, 1:00 AM - April 25, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Clear Ep 1 and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the collab Limited Unit - Fencer!

You can unlock her unique Jobs by obtaining the Job Tokens from clearing Quest Mission and Milestone Missions!

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Job: Fencer
Fixed Ability: True Rapier
Basic Ability: Basic True Rapier
Reaction: Sylphide (Chance of completely evading attacks)
Passive 1: Sylph Screen (Raises Evasion Rate)
Passive 2: Rapier Mastery Ⅱ (Raises PATK/AGI)

An Earthlain Fencer from Arcania, which is located in the world of the great world tree Yggdrasil. An up-beat lover of adventure brimming with curiosity, Fencer isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. Their specialty is making use of their agility to land multiple hits in a row.

Clear the Hard Quests to also obtain job equipment for Fencer, Harbinger, Sovereign and Dragoon Chloe!

Fencer Training Challenge
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Grow Fencer and get rewarded with this challenge!

Clear the Challenge Missions to obtain items such as Gems, Wind Soul Shard and 5★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket!

Complete the set to obtain [Etrian Odyssey] Featured 2★ Gear Selector!
You can use it to select the collaboration gear of your choice ahead of the EX stage release! (Doom Scythe / Sovereign Scepter)

Etrian Odyssey Challenge
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Clear the Challenge Missions to obtain items such as Gems, Reminiscences of a Robot and Ratty's New Hope!

Complete the set to obtain [Etrian Odyssey] 5★ Unit Summon Ticket!

・Challenge rewards will be sent to Gifts.
・The [Etrian Odyssey] 5★ Unit Summon Ticket can only be used from April 11.

Special Daily Missions

News,1104,news header EO Daily-Missions EN 1554174285346.png

Hunt different enemies each day to obtain [Etrian Odyssey] Quest Skip Tickets and Collaboration Unit Job Equipment!

Monday Missions
There will also be a set of Special Monday Missions during the collaboration period! Clear it to obtain Collab unit soul shards, [Etrian Odyssey] Quest Skip Tickets and Alchemy Droplets!


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