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Enlightenment Available for EO Collab Units - Harbinger, Sovereign, Dragoon Chloe, Fencer [edit | edit source]

Enlightenment will be available for the following ETRIAN ODYSSEY units after the update on April 4: Harbinger, Sovereign, Dragoon Chloe, Fencer

News,1108,news banner enlightenment release ChloeHarbinger EN 1554280572857.png
News,1108,news banner enlightenment release SovereignFencer EN 1553767937094.png

The following materials are used in the Enlightenment of Collaboration units:

News,1108,news banner new enlightenment material EN 1554107166507.png

・Otherworlder Enlightenment Shard
This can be used in place of the unit’s soul shards after unlocking enlightenment!
・Otherworlder Token
This is used in place of the country tokens to enhance the gates.
・Otherworldly Indulgence
This is a special item used in place of the “sinful indulgence” to enhance a gate for the last time! It is extremely rare and difficult to acquire. Use it wisely!


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