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[Event] Gold Rush Upgraded + Daily Quests Updates [edit | edit source]

We will be upgrading the Gold Rush quests after the update on April 11!

News,1124,Banner e190271 2 EN 1554454486686.png

The Gold Rush (3/day) quest will be changed to 1/day with higher drop rates for Rainbow and Gold Ingots!

・Rainbow Ingot only drops in the new Gold Rush Lv. 4 stage.

Gold Rush Key Quest will also be updated!

News,1124,Banner zeny key new EN 1554454434783.png

Old: 30 Minutes Unlimited Runs per Key
New: 1 Run per Key (with higher drop rates for Rainbow and Gold Ingots in the new quest)

With this update, all of the following daily quests will also be made available daily!
Gold Rush
Apple Garden
Reclaiming the Alchemia Pot
Imperial Mineral Garden
Gear Projection