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[New Units] ETRIAN ODYSSEY - Shaman, Protector, and Dancer Shenmei [edit | edit source]

Check out the details for our new units— Shaman, Protector and Dancer Shenmei!

For a limited time, Shaman, Protector and Dancer Shenmei will be available as Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the units and use them to aid you in your battles!

News,1130,news banner newUnit Protector EN 1554454859616.png

Job: Protector
Fixed Ability: Shield Offense
Basic Ability: Basic Shield Offense
Reaction: En Garde (Chance of defending when receiving Dmg)
Passive 1: Safe Stroll (Raises MOVE by 1 & greatly raises PDEF)
Passive 2: Barrier of Einherjar (Raises PDEF & Max HP)

A Protector from Etria who is investigating the labyrinth. Brave and passionate about justice, Protector cannot ignore anyone who needs help. In battle, they will protect their comrades with everything they have, including their own body.

News,1130,news banner newUnit Shaman EN 1554454868971.png

Job: Divine Herald
Fixed Ability: Holy Prayer
Basic Ability: Basic Oracle
Reaction: Oracle: Conquest (After receiving Dmg, chance of performing counter [Range: 4, Height Range: 2])
Passive 1: Divine Mastery (Raises MATK/Max Jewels)
Passive 2: Grace Mastery II (Raises MDEF/Max Jewels)

A Brouni Shaman from Arcania, which is located in the world of the great world tree Yggdrasil. Although perceived as weak by many, Shaman's greatest strength is how they support their comrades in battle by healing wounds and enhancing defense.

Dancer Shenmei
News,1130,news banner newUnit Shenmei EN 1554454876088.png

Job: Dancer (Etrian Odyssey)
Fixed Ability: Blade Dance
Basic Ability: Basic Blade Dance
Reaction: Burst Save (Reduces own Jewels Spent for three turns after receiving Dmg)
Passive 1: Fan Dance (Raises AGI and Evasion Rate)
Passive 2: How's Business? (Raises Initial Jewels)

Thanks to the two worlds being linked, when Shenmei was summoned, she was influenced by both the city of Tharsis and the continent of Babel. As such, instead of her usual pirate appearance, she has the appearance of a certain adventurer from Tharsis and can use their abilities.


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