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[Event] Sacred Stone Memories - A Wish that Transcends Space and Time (Part One) [edit | edit source]

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[Available after update on April 18]

Kudanstein has returned from the depths of darkness.
His incredible power shakes the continent of Babel, signaling the beginning of the end of the Lion Monarch's Charge…
In response to the signs of war, a new hero also appears in Babel...

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Class change Cadanova to Flame Dragon God!

Clear the event and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the job tokens and job equipment needed for Flame Dragon God.

News,1151,news banner SacredStone11 Cadanova Zehn Gear EN 1555155401199.png

You can now also unlock Master Ability for Cadanova after evolving the gear - Dark Memory Blade to 5★!

Dark Memory Blade
Attributes: Raises Max HP, PATK, CRIT, Chance of AGI Down, unlocks Master Ability "Time Funeral" (2-hit Water Slash ATK on random enemy in area around self & chance of critical & lowers CT [Area: Diamond (7), Height Range: 3]), Unlocks Master Ability "Flaming Crimson Blade Cremation" when equipped on Cadanova (2-hit Fire Slash ATK on target units in area around self & chance of critical & lowers CT [Area: Diamond (7), Height Range: 3])

Note: Dark Memory Blade can be obtained from Sacred Stone Memories Chapter 10.

Clear the event to also obtain unique job equipment for the new Veda Templar - Sol!

Clear EX Stage to obtain Event Exclusive Gear for Sol and evolve it to 5★ to unlock the Master Ability!

News,1151,news banner SacredStone11 Sol Gear EN 1555155191763.png

New Book of Truth - The Sun
Attributes: PATK Up, MATK Up, Debuff Res Up (once evolved to 5★), Enables Master Ability "Omega Pulse" when equipped on Sol if his job type is "Truthsayer" (4-hit Dark non-type attack (strong vs light) on enemy units within area [Range: 4, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2])

EX Stage Available in Multiplay as well!

Sacred Stone Memories Hard Quest
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Event Period
April 18, 12:00 AM - April 24, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 18, 1:00 AM - April 25, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Hard Quest will be available for the following Sacred Stone Memories units during the event period!

Clear their respective Hard Quest 3 times a day to collect the Unit Shards!

Unit Soul Shard Hard Quest Unlock Condition
Cadanova Clear Sacred Stone Ch 1 - Ep 10
Kudanstein Clear Sacred Stone Ch 2 - Ep 10
Seida Clear Sacred Stone Ch 3 - Ep 10
Monzein Clear Sacred Stone Ch 3 - Ep 10
Yauras Clear Sacred Stone Ch 4 - Ep10
Zain Clear Sacred Stone Ch 4 - Ep10
Othima Clear Sacred Stone Ch 5 - Ep 10
Miuna Clear Sacred Stone Ch 6 - Ep 10
Basheeny Clear Sacred Stone Ch 7 - Ep 10