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[New Unit] Unit Introduction - Bertha [edit | edit source]

Check out the details for our new unit— Bertha!

For a limited time, Bertha will be available as a mercenary at no cost! Take the chance to try out the new unit!

News,1171,news banner Berta EN 1555645204901.png

Leader Skill
Twilight's Heartbeat: Raises HP by 50% / Missile ATK Power by 20% for Dark Units

Job: Boom Technician
Fixed Ability: Device Skills
Basic Ability: Basic Device Skills
Reaction: Jack-in-the-box (Chance of performing a preemptive strike that inflicts a powerful Blind effect when receiving a physical attack [Range: 4, Height Range: Unlimited])
Passive 1: Overhaul (Raises Hit Rate & raises Range by 1)
Passive 2: Anti-Corrosive Mastery (Raises Debuff Res of self and adjacent allies when one or more ally units are in adjacent squares)

Bertha is a female gunner from Envylia. Her cute and cheerful character has earned her a team mascot-like position among her squadron, but she in fact possesses both exceptional decision-making ability and an incredible aim. She loves music, and is also close with Envylia's national band. Sometimes she'll even perform together with them, using an unloaded cannon as her instrument.