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Events Bulletin Board Revamp [edit | edit source]

The UI for “Events” on the home screen has been revamped to the new Events Bulletin Board to bring you the latest news and updates.

News,1183,screenshot newplayer milestone EN 1556089100458.png

The Event Board will display information such as limited-time events and bundle offers in a visually appealing manner. The new design is meant to ease accessibility to important news.

New Player Milestone Missions (available for the first 7 days upon account creation) have also been revamped and will be included in the new Event Board!

For new players who are in the midst of clearing the old set of New Player Milestone Missions, please be aware that they are no longer available after the update. You can access the new set of New Player Milestones from the new Event Board.

In addition to new Player Milestone Missions, we have also revamped Start Dash Login Bonus rewards. You can continue your progress with the Start Dash Login Bonus after the updates.

Please note that there are also some known issues and it will be fixed in a later update.

Known Issues

・Milestone Text Issue
It incorrectly mentions “Community Gems” and the correct text should be “Common Gems”. This will be fixed in a later update.

Milestones affected:
Day 1 - [Beginner] Spend 500 gems
Day 3 - [Beginner] Spend 1000 gems

・French, German, and Spanish languages are currently not supported for the Banners in the new Events Bulletin Board

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Event Board!