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Monthly Updates - May [edit | edit source]

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9 Million Downloads Worldwide Celebration
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Thank you for your support to our game, THE ALCHEMIST CODE, we have successfully hit 9 Million Downloads Worldwide ! To celebrate this milestone, we will be having various campaign and giveaways for everyone. We also have a 9 Million Coin Shop that will have exciting items that is up for grabs. Don’t miss out on this, stay tuned for more information throughout this month on our social media!

Liz Mother's Day Help
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Liz wants to celebrate Mother’s Day and there are lots of errands to run. Help Liz with her errands and obtain rewards such as Rainbow Ingot, Adamantine Ore and Water Soul Shards. The storyline for this quest is hidden in the Milestones! Discover the full story through the witty milestone titles!

Chamber of Tribulations
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Are you ready to challenge yourself? Are you brave enough to conquer the Chamber of Tribulations? Fight with challenging conditions and varying gimmicks that push your strategy skills to the limit. Defeat your enemies and triumph! Farm Spirits of Triumph and exchange them for attractive rewards!

Enlightenment Units
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A new batch of units is receiving their enlightenment again! You can now strengthen these units even further and unlock their potential. Enlightening a unit will require the unit to be at Level 85, special materials and units shard. Unlocking these doors will provide additional benefits and thus further increasing the potential of the unit. Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving their enlightenment!

Enchanted Jobs
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Get ready to power up your units! Introducing the new Enchanted Jobs - Twin-Blade Swordsman and Warrior! Remember to level up your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs! Each different Enchanted Job changes the original skills or abilities in a specific field. Different parameters of the unit may increase or decrease depending on the specialization focus of the Enchanted Job as well. Do check out our news for more information!

Babel Chronicles 3
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Dive in more and uncover more about the background and relationships between the many characters and history of the various regions in Babel. Explore their backstories as you fight through stages of enemies. Some stages require you to use only the units that are given and have many difficult mechanics to test your skills. Use these units and your grasp of strategy to overcome these stages.

Hard Quest
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We will be rolling out the hard quests for the following units:



And that’s all we have for May’s updates.

There will also be community events happening throughout the month. Be sure to check out our social media for additional details!