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[New Units] Carla and Ankh [edit | edit source]

Check out the details for our new units— Carla and Ankh!

For a limited time, Carla and Ankh will be available as Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the units and use them to aid you in your battles!

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Job: Raging Fire Rakshasa
Fixed Ability: Burning Blaze Rakshasa
Basic Ability: Basic Burning Blaze Rakshasa
Reaction: Cycle of Rakshasa (Recovers own Jewels when receiving Dmg & also activated by skill attacks)
Passive 1: Hestia's Smile (Raises PATK/Stop Res)
Passive 2: Polish Sickle (Raises AGI/CRIT)

Carla is the founder and Captain of the Sand Hawks, a vigilante corps of the Desert Zone. For better or for worse, people are drawn to her because of her dynamic "act now, ask questions later" mentality, strong moral obligations and humanitarianism. She is naturally confident, but it takes a while for her to bounce back when she feels down.

News,1195,news banner GL NewUnit Ankh EN 1556182298210.png

Job: Pure Water Gun Spearman
Fixed Ability: Pure Water Gun Spear
Basic Ability: Basic Pure Water Gun Spear
Reaction: Iskandar Shield (Chance of defending when receiving Dmg)
Passive 1: Water Robes of Neptune (Raises Pierce ATK Power/strong vs fire at start of own turn (stackable up to 5x))
Passive 2: Overdrive (Greatly raises PATK/MATK & lowers PDEF/MDEF)

Ankh conducts himself more like a butler than the Vice-Captain of Ryle's guild. He is an important member of the guild who assigns Ryle and his subordinates to the most efficient tasks for them to carry out to ensure each mission's success. In his childhood, a butler helped him develop a strong fondness for tea and he can become quite testy without his regularly scheduled tea break.