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[New Unit] Unit Introduction - Dark Artemis [edit | edit source]

Check out the details for our new units— Dark Artemis! Dark Artemis will be released with her enchanted job - Sniper [Scope]!

For a limited time, Dark Artemis will be available as a mercenary at no cost! Take the chance to try out the new unit!

Dark Artemis
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Leader Skill
Fresh Wind's Heartbeat: Raises HP by 50%/Missile ATK Power by 40%/Jewels Obtained by 5 for Wind units

Job: Dark-Archer Princess
Fixed Ability: Dark Archery
Basic Ability: Basic Dark Archery
Reaction: Dark Purge (Returns a portion of Dmg and skill attacks received back to attacker [Range: 6, Obstruction: 2, Height Range: 4])
Passive 1: Bottomless Dark Rune (Raises Evasion Rate & greatly raises Max HP)
Passive 2: Dark Night's Moonlight (Range +1 & raises Missile ATK)

Artemis was guided to this world from the continent of Ragna, and is the Dark Killer who represents lust. She is calm and collected, and values order above all else. She is unforgiving towards those who disrupt order, even if they may be one of her own. Though her mannerisms are bewitching, at times she can show a sense of innocent naivety.