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Summon Coin Shop Ticket Selector Text Display Issue

Please note there are some text display issues with the following Selectors in the summon coin shop.

The text are as follow:

[Summon Coin] 5★ Unit Selector
Use this ticket to summon a 5★ unit of your choice. (Dark Artemis / Dark Tyrfing / Dark Laevateinn / Sakura / Dark Princess Yomi / Yuri / Tsukuyomi / Artemis)

[Summon Coin] 4★ Gear Selector
Use this ticket to summon a 4★ gear of your choice. (Overheat Rage / Mystic Blade Tyrfing / Masamune Blade / Amaterasu Holy Rod)

You can tap the ticket icon in the shop to view its details.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.