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New Bundles Available! [edit | edit source]

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Sale Period
May 23, 12:00 AM - May 29, 11:59 PM (World Time)
May 23, 1:00 AM - May 30, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Ouroboros's Chest
Purchase Limit: 1
Price: $49.99
Dark Artemis Soul Shard x25
Dark Laevateinn Soul Shard x25
Dark Tyrfing Soul Shard x25
Battledress of Lust x1
Nocturne Rifle x1
Magia Clarion x1
Battledress of Sloth x1
Trace Blades x1
Sinister Helmet x1
Battledress of Greed x1
Magic Dragon Pendant x1
Gigant Axe x1
Crystal Apple x49
Gold Alchemia Pot x49
Orichalcum Ore x49
Gold Ingot x49
Skip Ticket x49

Ouroboros's Jewelry
Purchase Limit: 1
Price: $89.99

50-Elemental Soul Shard Selector x1
Rainbow Soul Shard x25
Otherworlder Enlightenment Shard x50
Otherworlder Token x50
Otherworlder Indulgence x5
Reminiscences of a Robot Summon Ticket x20
Crystal Apple x89
Gold Alchemia Pot x89
Orichalcum Ore x89
Gold Ingot x89

・You can get these bundles by accessing the Bundle Shop or by tapping on the Bundles icon from the Home screen.
・All bundle content except Gems will be sent to Gifts upon purchase completion. Gems will be credited directly into your Gem balance.
・Bonus Gems will be credited as Free Gems.
・The prices above are in US Dollars before taxes. Prices will appear in the currency of your store account's region, and applicable taxes will apply.