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Monthly Updates - June [edit | edit source]

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Collaboration Event

There will be a new collaboration this month featuring new units appearing in THE ALCHEMIST CODE with Enlightenment for the very first time. Furthermore, some units have added enchanted jobs which makes them more powerful than ever! Who are these units that are appearing in THE ALCHEMIST CODE? Stay tuned for more details and don’t forget to check our Social Media for more exclusive news and giveaways!


As part of our commitment to provide more engaging challenges for our players to enjoy, we are pleased to announce the release of Raids! The opening season for the Raids will be special where the monsters from the relative collaboration are featured as the Raid Bosses! Defeat them together with other players and earn amazing rewards. Take down the formidable monsters alongside other Alchemists using your wits and tactics! Don’t miss out on our new Feature!

Alchemia Port
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A new social feature - Alchemia Port, will be implemented as well! Connect with like-minded individuals all around the world! Socialize and grow stronger together, obtain Port Points by participating in Raids! These Port Points help strengthen your facilities, and you will be able to recruit more players. Stay tuned for more details in the future!

Event Archives
News,1274,news header event archive EN 1559107698441.png

We are also introducing a new feature, Event Archives! Choose from more than 10 rerun events and access them for 24 hours. Plus, you can choose to unlock any of the listed events for free once a day! You can even join listed events in Multiplay!

Father’s Day
News,1274,ui EventQuest bnn 49 2 EN 1559107711087.png

Logi and Dias wants to celebrate Father’s Day and they promise to run errands for their Father. Help Logi and Dias with their errands and obtain rewards such as Rainbow Ingot, Adamantine Ore and Light Soul Shards. The storyline for this quest is hidden in the Milestones! Discover the full story through the witty milestone titles!

Chapter 4 Episode 3 Act 1
News,1274,Banner CH4 EP3 ACT01 EN 1559107729049.png

Tina and friends return to the Fuu village, but they discover that Georgios was waiting for them there while holding Tamis hostage beside him! Tina and her friends still do not have the strength to defeat Georgios, but Tehre shows up suddenly and sends Georgios away. Together with Fuu, the group confronts Tehre on his motives, but Tehre instead chides them for their ignorance. Why is Tehre helping Gluttony Foss to attack Saga? Find out more in the next Act of Tina’s Story!

Enchanted Job
News,1274,news header GL enchanted jobs zofia EN 1559107778553.png

Get ready to power up your units! Introducing the new Enchanted Jobs - Necromancer and Machinist! Remember to level up your units to the requirement for their Enchanted Jobs! Each different Enchanted Job changes the original skills or abilities in a specific field. Different parameters of the unit may increase or decrease depending on the specialization focus of the Enchanted Job as well. Do check out our news for more information!

Enlightenment Units
News,1274,news header GL Enlightenment Chloe EN 1559107790196.png

A new batch of units is receiving their enlightenment again! You can now strengthen these units even further and unlock their potential. Enlightening a unit will require the unit to be at Level 85, special materials and units shard. Unlocking these doors will provide additional benefits and thus further increasing the potential of the unit. Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving their enlightenment!

Hard Quest
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We will be rolling out the hard quests for the following units:

Tsang Lei


And that’s all we have for June’s updates. Be sure to check out our social media for additional details!