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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (June 2019) [edit | edit source]

Dear Alchemists,

We hope everyone enjoyed our 9 Million Downloads celebration and the new content that we worked hard to add into The Alchemist Code since the last version update. The Alchemist Code team is eager for everyone to experience next major update! It will be hitting soon and this is a good time to update everyone on the state of the game.

New Collab Event and Features coming your way!

<img src='../resources/images/up/04_EN_1559619096751.png' alt='raid1' style='width: 100%;' eid='9603'> <img src='../resources/images/up/05_EN_1559619104904.png' alt='raid2' style='width: 100%;' eid='9604'> Version 4 will launch with an exciting collaboration event! It is the perfect opportunity to show off and let you experience our brand new Raid feature. Take down the brand new Raid Bosses with your friends and earn rewards! Raid bosses always invoke images of heroes fighting against incredible odds to triumph and seize glory in the end and this will allow you to do the same with your favorite units that you have trained up.

A brand new social feature, The Alchemia Port have been added to the game allowing you and your friends to group up and create your presence in Babel. Work together to improve the facilities in your Port and improve fame and standings!. Not only does the Port act as a communal holding, members can participate in Raids where the combined efforts will contribute to the Raid Alchemia Port Ranking and win Rewards for every member!

News,1276,image 7 1559560758692.png

News,1276,Eventboard NXPowerLite Copy 1559560769640.png

With the previous update, the Event board was added as a quality of life improvement to make your game experience smoother. Here you can access all the game news and se the various ongoing campaigns. Special Milestones and missions will also be accessible here in the future so remember to check it to get the most of your time. We are always on the lookout for more areas to prioritize improvements and would welcome your feedback on the matters that are important to you!

Memento-only Summons and Soul Shards

With more Mementos being added into the game, we have heard your wishes and Memento-only summons are coming your way in the update of 13 June!

With regards to Soul Shards, we are looking to put more variety and quantity of Soul Shards into the various shops in place of shard banners in the Gem summons. Hard Quests for unit shards will also be updated at a quicker pace. Plans for more step and discounted summons to be available for you are in the works as well.

With the introduction of Enlightenment into The Alchemist Code, we know that resources are now more sought after than ever and are looking into ways to make them more abundant and available to make your time with us rewarding.

One way where we make more resources accessible for you will be through shops. There will be improvements coming soon to the items available in the Friend Shop and a new EX Shop will also be opening soon! These will provide you with more rewards for the currencies you obtain from playing The Alchemist Code.

More Global Content !

Don’t forget about our very own Magni Historia. After finally getting out the new updates and upcoming collaboration event, we are putting the finishing touches on the next installment. Look forward to new stories, new Jobs, new characters, new Enlightenment and much more! We are working hard on ensuring that they will be enjoyable to use and fit in with the rest of your favourite units.

News,1276,Zhen Yi Black WhiteBG 1559561342533.png

Ross Song