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[Babel War Arts] Letitia and Corvus Edition [edit | edit source]

New Babel War Arts Available for Letitia and Corvus after update on June 6.

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Babel War Arts - Letitia Edition
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Skill Effect Buffed!
Aqua Meister
Glacial [Fenrir] → Sparkling Ice [Fenrir]
Water Slash ATK on units within target area [Range: 3, Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2]

Babel War Arts - Corvus Edition
News,1278,ui EventQuest bnn 102 1 EN 1559099161970.png

Skill Effect Buffed!
Shadow Assassin [Eventide]
Moon Torrent → Thundering Moon
After moving, Thunder Slash ATK on units within target area & greatly raises own Magic Evasion Rate until next turn [Move Area: 3, Range: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]

You can claim the Master Key from the Milestone Mission in "Other" Section.