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Introducing New Feature - Event Archives! [edit | edit source]

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Introducing a new feature - Event Archives which will be available after the update on June 6!

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About "Event Archives"

"Event Archives" is a new function in which you can unlock and replay past events at any time!

1 event can be replayed for free once a day.

Use the new item "Archive Access" to unlock more events!
・The unlocked event will become locked again after a 24 hour period.
・Some past Event Quests are not part of the "Event Archives".
・"Archive Access" may be available at the Secret Shop.

About Multiplay Quests

If the event includes a Multiplay Quest, it will also be unlocked!
・Users who have not unlocked the quest are still able to take part in the Multiplay Quest as guests.

How to use "Event Archives"
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・"Event Archives" are unlocked at Level 60.
・More Event Quests will be added at later dates.
・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once. If you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.

Current List of Events Available in Event Archives

・Sound of the Bells
・Sweet Aspirations
・Sunrays Beyond Reach
・The Desert Merchant
・Forest Protector
・Beyond Life or Death
・Return to the Underworld
・Justin's Justice
・Crystal-Shot Heart
・Encounters, Fate, and the Sound of Pipa
・Stairway to Heaven
・Sandy Journey under Stars

Note: Hard Stage of the following Events will be excluded.
・The Desert Merchant
・Crystal-Shot Heart

[1-time] Login Bonus
As part of the [1-time] Login Bonus (June 6 - July 3), you can obtain Archive Access x1! Check out the campaign news for more details!