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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (Oct 2019) [edit | edit source]

Huzzah dear Alchemists!

I would like to thank all of you amazing Alchemists who have joined us on this journey and helped us reach this 10 Million Downloads Milestone! I hope everyone is enjoying the lineup for this milestone celebration thus far. We also have a special gift prepared for everyone who have helped us reach this milestone!

Our 2nd Anniversary is fast approaching and there is much in store for you to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. We have gone through many varied experiences and memories together. Let me share with you some exciting new content debuting with our 2nd Anniversary along with the many goodies, bonus rewards and events that we have prepared for everyone!

We made sure that your experience in Babel has improved over the past few updates released. New 28 Days Login rewards, Free Daily Memento Summons, more Enlightenment material quests, and Shard Quests are some of the recent additions. The team is still hard at work to continue to make the game better than ever for you, so look forward to more coming your way.

Some of the major updates that we have planned include quality of life improvements such as being able to select which shards to use when Limit Breaking your units.

<image 1>

Another update that will be coming is the additional Alchemic Boundary bonus that scales according to the Limit Break status of each Memento from clearing quests!

<image 2>

We will also be introducing a new item, the Summon Discount Ticket into the game. This item can be used on selected Summon Banners to allow you to get a discounted cost for that pull.

<image 3>

<image 4>

As for quest content, Units from the Sacred Stone Memories will also start to have their Hard Quests made available in the story mode so keep your eyes open for them. Now that the first part of Magni Historia is done, perhaps some hard quests will also start to appear?

An item to reset your Hard Quest entries is also on the way to let you focus on your favourite units!

<image 5>

Now for an issue that has plagued us through many attempts to fix; the Veda Tower. There are many different issues that are affecting players in different ways. It would be helpful to us if anyone who is having issues file a support ticket so that we can identify and rectify your problem due to the myriad of factors. We take this very seriously and seek your help in letting us resolve your problems with this.

We are far from done and have even more Global Original content in the works. There will be new content and even the existing content are undergoing improvement. There will be new mementos and new characters that will join your team. Existing Units will improve and get stronger too. No one is left out and that even includes Shamans from small villages. Here’s a little peek at what’s coming soon!

Once again, massive thanks to all you awesome Alchemists for making this journey with us and on helping reach our various milestones. Remember to collect your Producer Letter giveaway from your gifts when you enter the game, Huzzah!

Ross Song