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[Rerun] Savage Sea Warrior [edit | edit source]

Savage Sea Warrior
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Event Period
August 1, 12:00 AM - August 14, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 1, 1:00 AM - August 15, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Class change Dilga to Muscly Paladin!

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Muscly Paladin is the upgrade of his Holy Cavalier+ Job!

Players who have already unlocked his Holy Cavalier+ Job will automatically be upgraded to the Muscly Paladin!

Complete the Quest Mission to obtain the job tokens needed for his class change.

Clear the Event Quests to obtain unique Job Equipment for the job!

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Clear Savage Sea Warrior [EX] and complete the Milestone Mission to get Dilga Swimsuit Skin!

No Women Allowed! Fight! Manliness Lessons Now Accepting Second-Term Students!
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Event Special Condition:
Limited to Male Units

Clear this 1/day event 3 times and graduate with an exclusive event gear - Mighty Loincloth!

You can obtain 777 Mighty Loincloth Shards from Milestone Mission to transmute the gear!

Clear the event to also obtain 1,500 Player EXP and 100,000 Unit EXP!

・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once. If you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.