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Vision Clear Quest

Event Period
June 11, 12:00 AM - June 17, 11:59 PM (World Time)
June 11, 1:00 AM - June 18, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Challenge the “Vision Clear Quest" 3 times a day to increase the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos!

By clearing the quest, the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos equipped by the units will be increased by 1%! Let's challenge every day and aim to get all the Vision Clear Rewards!

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,ui EventQuest bnn 106 0 1591613820130.png

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS LUST ST NIKUSU DARK 01 1591765785941.png

Twisted Time Sunk in Frigid Wastes

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS LUST NIKUSU 01 1578654635121.png

Hope Etched in Snow

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS GREED KU IENA 01 1573292910855.png

Polish, Create, Results

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,ui EventQuest bnn 138 2 EN 1573912549766.png

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH TARAS 01 1570513257086.png

The Smoky Blues

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH AISHA 01 1570514197486.png

Enchanting Performance

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH DAISY 01 1570513218605.png

Enter, a Shining New Star!

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH ALBELL 01 1566808105959.png

Clutching the Fading Silhouette

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH FIONA 01 1573912689005.png

A Hopeful Future

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH FIONA 02 1573912713587.png

No Tears for the Bride

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS SLOTH KURAJU 01 1567395930672.png

Inspiring Marksman

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS UNDOKAI 2018 01 1566808076390.png

The Most Dazzling Smile

News,1b3af1e3-eb02-5302-9c48-a723a83c5bdc,TS GL BLAI 01 1584454679891.png

Unexpected Popularity