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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (Feb 2020)

To arms Alchemists, Otherworldly Demons are invading!

This week marks the start of the highly anticipated collaboration event with The Seven Deadly Sins. I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to see some of the most popular anime characters battling alongside your favourite units in Babel. During this event period we will be giving out goodies everyday so remember to collect them from your Gifts!

Other than the collab event, February has been full of updates that we have brought into the game that we are sure will improve your gameplay experience.

Firstly, the Job Enchant system that you are familiar with has been upgraded to make it more efficient and save more time for you when making your units stronger. Enchantment Coins have been transmuted into Enchantment Materia and you can use it directly during the leveling of jobs.

Another new thing that would make your collection and enhancement of your Mementos easier is the Vision Coin Exchange Shop. As the selection of Mementos available becomes wider, getting more duplicates to Limit Break them becomes more challenging. Now you can use Vision Coins that you get from selling your extra Mementos to obtain Reliefs that you can use to Limit Break your Mementos. This new addition will increase the usefulness of every Memento you get.

These changes including are all new improvements we have added into the game that will make your gameplay more efficient and improve your ability to enhance your power! The rewards from daily missions and items for returning users have been improved so there is no better time to call back your fellow Alchemists from their breaks to rejoin your adventure in Babel. We intend to continue rolling out more improvements and to hear from you what you want improved in the game so keep them coming.

Brand new features such as Gear Enlightened Skills and the Season Pass are also added in to enhance your gameplay. These new features expand on existing content and also provide you with more rewards and depth to your daily experience. The Season Pass is still in its early stages and we will continue to work and improve upon it with the feedback that we have received.

Also on the topic of new content, we hope you have enjoyed the new Global Content Mementos and unique skins that shed more insight into the lives of your favorite Global Units. We have more Global Content coming up and will soon unveil many new characters and stories for you to enjoy so please hang tight and stay tuned. In the meanwhile, here’s another sneak peek into the future for you!

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