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[New Unit] Morrigan Unit Introduction with Enlightenment!

[Available after update on April 23]

Introducing a brand new Global Original Unit - Morrigan!

Bless your teammates with great power and turn your ire upon your foes with Morrigan. Unleash her on the battlefield in her unbound fury and incinerate all who stand against you.

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Leader Skill
Tempestuous Presence
Raises HP by 30% & MATK Power by 50% & Max Jewels by 20% for Fire units

Job: Lady of Cinders
Fixed Ability: Empowering Flame
Basic Ability: Basic Empowering Flame
Reaction: Elicit Ire (High chance of increasing own CT when attacked & also activated by skill attacks)
Passive 1: Eldritch Drive (Raises MATK & lowers PDEF)

Origin: Lustburg
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Likes: Gloxinias, Watching the Sunrise
Hobbies: Observing the rise and fall of mortals

Morrigan is a keeper of arcane power whose blessings have enabled adventurers to accomplish deeds of great renown, and is sought by many aspirants seeking to join the pantheon of fame. She rarely cares for the eventual fates of those to whom she grants power, only taking delight in watching them pursue their various desires. Once her curiosities are sated, she leaves them to their fates. Capricious as she is, her true motives and nature are as much an enigma as her whereabouts.

Enlightenment Details
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Skill List

Empowering Flame
Scorching Strike 3-hit Fire Mag ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Wind) & absorbs part of Dmg back as HP [Range:4, Height Range: 3]
Blessing of Cinders Gives Jewel regen to allies in area around self for 3 turns.[Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3]
Devouring Blaze HP-absorbing Mag ATK that ignores DEF on units within target area [Range: 4, Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2]
Rising Temper Raises all own Stats for four turns
Unbound Flame Changes into The Unbound Flame for five turns & raises all Stats & changes ability
Transformed Skill - Infernal Flame
Fuel the Blaze Consumes own HP to greatly recover own Jewels
Cauterizing Flame Consumes own HP to inflict Fire Mag Dmg & reduces Max HP of target unit & prevents HP Recovery [Area: Line(5), Height Range: 3]
Purging Flames Consumes own HP to inflict Fire Mag Dmg on enemy units within target area & disables buffs [Range: 4, Area: Square(3), Height Range: 3]
Ignis Incendio Fire Mag ATK on units within target area that grows more powerful the lower own remaining HP is [Range: 4, Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3]
Basic Empowering Flame
Rising Heat Casts Quicken on self
Kindle the Flame Raises Fire ATK Power for ally units within target area for three turns [Range: 4, Area: Cross(3), Height Range: 3]
Fiery Apparition Moves self to target location and greatly raises own evasion for 1 turn [Range: 4, Height Range: 3]
Cleansing Fire Raises all DEF for three turns & disables abnormal statuses for target ally unit [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]
Elicit Ire High chance of increasing own CT when attacked & also activated by skill attacks
Eldritch Drive Raises MATK & lowers PDEF

New Job Trial Field
News,221e2b90-c393-5336-911a-10a2c91c7cca,ui EventQuest bnn 207 1 1587199883379.png

April 23, 12:00 AM - April 29, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 23, 1:00 AM - April 30, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Try the new Job and get Gems and Soul Shards!

・Units in the training area will state "Level 85" though they are at Unit Level 95 clearing up to the Gate of Wrath.
・The quest will be cleared once the specified number of turns has passed.
・Playable multiple times during the limited period.

[1/Day]Soul Shard Quest
News,221e2b90-c393-5336-911a-10a2c91c7cca,ui EventQuest bnn g morrigan drei ha 1 EN 1587533470780.png

April 23, 12:00 AM - May 6, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 23, 1:00 AM - May 7, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Clear the quest to obtain Unit Soul Shards for Morrigan.

・You can play this quest up to a maximum of 7 times.
・Player must have unit in party setup to enter quest.

New Global Original Memento Available for Morrigan!

[Available after update on April 23]

Introducing a brand new Global Original Memento for Morrigan!

Check out the details for the new Memento - “Awaken to Power”!

Memento Details

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Vision Clear Rewards
Attain 100% Alchemic Boundary to unlock the Vision Clear Reward!

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