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[New Unit] Global Original Unit - Asuka with Enlightenment [edit | edit source]

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[Available after update on August 29]

Introducing a brand new Global Original Unit - Asuka!

Asuka takes to the field to hold off the enemies from the rest of the party. She unleashes fierce counters on those who dare to rise to her challenge and keeps the enemy focused on her leaving the rest of her team safe!

Asuka Training Mission

Train Asuka and get rewarded!

From Aug 29 – Sep 11, complete the Asuka Training Missions and receive rewards such as Sinful Indulgence, Fire Soul Shard and Asuka Soul Shard!

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Leader Skill
Resolute Presence
Raises HP by 40%, PDEF by 20% for Fire Units

Job: Noble Vanguard
Fixed Ability: Guardian
Basic Ability: Basic Guardian
Reaction: Fiery Rebuff (After receiving Dmg, chance to perform counter (100% Hit) that ignores DEF. Reacts to skills. (Range: 4, Height Range: 2))
Passive 1: Martial Prowess (Raises Max HP and Counter-Attack Dmg)
Passive 2: Barrier of Einherjar (Raises PDEF & Max HP)

Origin: Wadatsumi
Height: 164cm
Weight: 46kg
Likes: Flowers, Blade Dances
Hobbies: Training

Asuka is the head of a noble household in Wadatsumi which has fallen on hard times and relies on support from Greed Dike. While she is betrothed to Zheng Yi as part of the alliance, her feelings for him go beyond mere duty. Asuka also has an elder sibling who dotes on her and pampers her when they are away from prying eyes.

Enlightenment Details
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Skill List

Fiery Challenge Fire PATK on enemy units within area & inflicts Berserk & raises PDEF on self for 3 turns. (Stackable up to 3 times) [Area: Special (Cone Laser), Height Range: 2]
Barbed Flames Fire ATK (low) & inflicts Rage on enemies within the target area. [Range: 3, Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]
Restraining Slash Slash ATK & chance to inflict Bind on enemies in target area for 2 turns. [Area: Lateral (3), Height Range: 2]
Reversal Non-type Slash ATK to enemy units within the target area that scales with your PDEF. [Area: Square (3), Height Range: 2]
Resolute Strike Move to target enemy, lowers PATK & inflicts Fire Slash ATK that scales with your PDEF. [Range: 5, Height Range: 2]
Basic Guardian
Parry Stance Raises Slash Dmg Res for 3 turns
Deflection Stance Raises Missile Dmg Res for 3 turns
Armoured Stance Creates a shield that reduces Dmg on self for 3 turns or until it is destroyed
Furious Slash Non-type Slash ATK to units within the target area & chance to inflict Stun (Area: Line (5), Height Range: 2)
Fiery Rebuff After receiving Dmg, chance to perform counter (100% Hit) that ignores DEF. Reacts to skills. (Range: 4, Height Range: 2)
Martial Prowess Raises Max HP and Counter-Attack Dmg