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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Producer's Letter (Sept 2020)

Dear Alchemists,

We hope everyone is well and that our game has been able to keep you entertained through the past months. It’s been a while since the last letter and we would like to take the time during this new version up to share some thoughts and info with everyone.

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for being on this journey with us and how your love and support of the game has supported and encouraged the entire team through our challenges and difficulties this year. We truly appreciate you for sticking by us as we go through thick and thin together. The year has yet to end and there will be a series of exciting events such as Halloween, our Anniversary and many more coming your way that we hope you will be ready for! Before that however, let us talk about things that will be closer.

In this latest update, the first update you will see is the new revised look that we have made for the game. Your favorite characters will be able to greet you every time you log into the game. Many other screens in the game have also been revamped with a new look with improvements to the various UI to improve your experience.

News,25c4e604-d151-537c-b2b2-d9bd89e0ed07,UnitChange 1600323775607.png

“Welcome back dear Alchemist!”

The changes go beyond just looks. We have added a Help button to the Arena so you can learn more about the feature. It is now possible for you to save the settings of both your Attack and Defense teams as well. Your Mercenary settings too can be saved separately from your party settings to give you more control over how to assist your friends while keeping your own teams intact.

We have also added Auto Repeats for Quests once you have cleared the objectives for that stage. As we create more content for you to enjoy, we also understand that the amount of effort and time taken for you to reap the rewards also increases. Thus these new features will reward you for your ability and will reward you for your accomplishments while saving time.

News,25c4e604-d151-537c-b2b2-d9bd89e0ed07,AutoRepeat 1600323646809.png

“Look at the loot we gathered!”

There are also more exciting features that will be heading your way in the near future, such as the Truth Seal feature which is a new way to make your units even stronger and the option to skill Genesis Boss Battles after you can clear a set of objectives. These are just a few of the features that are coming your way, so stay tuned for more in the future!

We’re also sure you have all noticed that we have been hard at work polishing and enhancing the Global Original units that you know and love. Our units are always crafted with care and constantly looked after. We will not stop until they finally reach the target that we have set for them and that they are kept updated. This is what the team promises and will always strive to deliver.

But upgrading existing units is not all there is to it but merely an appetizer for an even greater amount of brand new original content coming your way. New characters, new Mementos, new storylines and more are very close to be available to you!

Until then, I would like to share with you not just a peek at an upcoming unit but the first few of a new series that we have in store for you!


Want a new unit with an edge? Here’s a look at something different from the usual offerings!

News,25c4e604-d151-537c-b2b2-d9bd89e0ed07,RTeaser 1600323601238.png


Our weapons research and development team is also happy to show you a glimpse of the fruits of their labor!

News,25c4e604-d151-537c-b2b2-d9bd89e0ed07,Rail 1600323583158.png


In other news, members of the team have started paying homage to a mysterious figure.

News,25c4e604-d151-537c-b2b2-d9bd89e0ed07,Royalty 1600323571806.png