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Monthly Updates - August [edit | edit source]

Wonderful ☆ Summer
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The Venus School of Magic is conducting a school trip to a resort! Travelling from the frigid cold of Lustburg to the warm, comfortable weather of a summer haven, Liz and friends are having a great time! However it’s not all fun and games in paradise! Join the event to get the full scoop and have a wonderful summertime adventure!

Chapter 4 Episode 4 Act 2
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,Banner CH4 EP4 ACT02 EN 1564370595458.png

Inside the dragon, Tina and friends discover the existence of humanoid Jam! Under the combined onslaught of the Jam and the dragon, Georgios is finally defeated. Just as things look bleak for Tina and her friends, reinforcements arrive in the form of the Sprite Trio! With new renewed strength and combined might, will they be able to overcome the odds and defeat the dragon? Find out more in the next Act of Tina’s Story!

Babel Chronicles - Clockwork Campanella
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,Banner e181110 01 EN 1564370545449.png

In this new installment of Babel Chronicles, discover more of the background and relationships of Albea, Wilhelm and Sophia as well as the history of the various regions of Babel. Uncover their backstories as you battle though enemies who stand in your way. These stages will test your skills and determination as you overcome the odds and challenges imposed on you. Master your units and execute your best strategies to seize victory!

PvP Season 5
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,news header PVP season5 EN 1564370581803.png

Missed your bid to become Grand Champion in the previous season? PvP is back with a new season - Season of the Water Guardian! Test your might against other players in the battlegrounds of live PvP. Outsmart and outplay your opponents with unconventional strategies and tactical prowess! The shop has also been refreshed with this season’s amulet and other exciting items. Are you strong enough to claim the title of the season Grand Champion?


Want to enlighten and strengthen your units quickly? There will be double drop for enlightenment materials in quests during limited periods this coming August! Check out our in-game news and social media for more details so you don’t miss out!

Enchanted Jobs
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,news header enchanted job EN 1564370617263.png

Get ready to power up your units! Enchanted Jobs are now available for more units! Remember to limit break and level up your units and their jobs to access their Enchanted Jobs! Enchanted Jobs provide new skills that specializes in different roles. Enchanted Jobs also provided better Job Mastery bonus to your unit stats. Do check out our news for more information!

New Unit Enlightenments
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,news header GL Enlightenment Chloe EN 1564370632310.png

There will be several units that will receive their enlightenment over the course of August! You can now strengthen these units even further and unlock their potential. Enlightening a unit will require the unit to be at Level 85, special materials and unit soul shards. Upon enlightenment you will be able to unlock and upgrade various Gates of Sin will provide stat boosts and skill enhancements to increase the power of your unit. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media and in-game news for more information on the Unit Enlightenment updates!

Hard Quest
News,2c1d187a-c9f2-5dda-a458-f3017adfc931,news header new hard quest EN 1564370644925.png

We will be rolling out the hard quests for the following units:


Chat Noir

And this is our quick update for you on the highlights coming in August. We’ll see you in Babel and be sure to follow our social media for additional details!