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New Bundles Available! [edit | edit source]

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Sale Period
November 11, 12:00 AM - November 13, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Double 11 Bundle
Purchase Limit: 11
Price: $10.99

Elemental Soul Shard Summon Ticket x11
Sinful Indulgence x1
Enlightenment Material 10-Summon Ticket x1
Crystal Apple x11
Gold Alchemia Pot x11
Gold Ingot x11
Adamantine Ore x11
Skip Ticket x11

Double 11 Mega Bundle
Purchase Limit: 1
Price: $99.99

Rainbow Soul Shard x111
Retribution for Sin x4
222-Country Token Selector
Winged Serpent of Envy x111
Heroic Bear of Sloth x111
Mountain Ram of Lust x111
Wild Boar of Gluttony x111
Unicorn of Wrath x111
10-Goddess Jar 10-Summon Ticket x11
10-Goddess Pot 10-Summon Ticket x11
10-Mana Golem 10-Summon Ticket x11
10-Soul Golem 10-Summon Ticket x11
10-Alchemia 10-Summon Ticket x11
Crystal Apple x111
Gold Alchemia Pot x111
Rainbow Ingot x111
Orichalcum Ore x111
Skip Ticket x111