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Vision Clear Quest

Event Period
May 28, 12:00 AM - June 3, 11:59 PM (World Time)
May 28, 1:00 AM - June 4, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Challenge the “Vision Clear Quest" 3 times a day to increase the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos!

By clearing the quest, the Alchemic Boundary of specific Mementos equipped by the units will be increased by 1%! Let's challenge every day and aim to get all the Vision Clear Rewards!


▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


Halcyon Days
Arduous Adventures
Unexpected Popularity

▼ Targeted Mementos
5★ Mementos


A Glorious Blooming of Beauty
Nocturnal Fox in Flight
I Return to Ash Warm Nostalgia
Smile in the Dust Cloud Senko Collision
Shooting Star Wishes Spider Lily Vows

Ancient Garb Thawing Snow, Hopeful Home
Blade of Oaths
Not Quite Sweet
First Kitchen Battle
Halcyon Days

▼ Targeted Mementos
4★ Mementos


My Friend, the Prodigy