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[Community Event] V7 Mystery Boxes!

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Event Period
September 17, 12:00 AM - September 23, 11:59 PM (WORLD TIME)
Awarding Period:
October 8, 12:00 AM - October 14, 11:59 PM (WORLD TIME)

Is it a Ticket? Is it a Soul Shard? Test your instincts in this exciting (and mysterious) game in celebration of our Version Update! Choose ONE from the 7 MYSTERY BOXES and prizes will be revealed at the end of the event!


To help you out with this game, here’s the list of possible rewards:
5★ Unit Summon Ticket x1
5★ Memento Summon Ticket x1
Sinful Indulgence x3
Retribution of Sin x2
Rainbow Shard x 25
[Magni Historia] 5★ 25-Soul Summon Ticket x1
Reminiscences of a Robot x20

Note that each of the Mystery Boxes contain only ONE group of items as listed above. (No duplication of rewards - no Boxes contain the same prize)

=========================================[edit | edit source]


350 Random Winners of the prize corresponding to the Mystery Box chosen.

・At the EVENT POST</a>, choose ONE Mystery Box.
・Answer with the name of the Chosen Box and include: #ALCWWV7MysteryBoxes, Your Player Name and Friend ID.
・At the end of the event, prize per box will be revealed; 350 winners will be picked randomly among VALID ENTRIES to win the prizes corresponding the Mystery Box that they have chosen.
・All Players will also receive rewards corresponding to the Highest Attained Community Milestone.

Note: For the comment entries, THE ALCHEMIST CODE Team will only be collecting valid comments among the possible winners.

Sample Entry:
Box of Gluttony

  1. ALCWWV7MysteryBoxes


ALL PLAYERS will receive rewards corresponding to the HIGHEST ATTAINED MILESTONE!

Milestone 1 - 900 Reacts & Shares
10-Beast of Sin Summon Ticket x1, Event Skip Ticket x10

Milestone 2 - 1200 Reacts & Shares
10-Beast of Sin Summon Ticket x2, Event Skip Ticket x20, Rainbow Soul Shard x1

Milestone 3: 1500 Reacts & Shares
10-Beast of Sin Summon Ticket x3, Event Skip Ticket x30, Rainbow Soul Shard x5, Sinful Indulgence x1

Milestone 4: 1800 Reacts & Shares
10-Beast of Sin Summon Ticket x4, Event Skip Ticket x40, Rainbow Soul Shard x10, Sinful Indulgence x2, Retribution for Sin x1

Milestone 5: 2000 Reacts & Shares
10-Beast of Sin Summon Ticket x5, Event Skip Ticket x50, Rainbow Soul Shard x15, Sinful Indulgence x3, Retribution for Sin x2, 5-Star Unit Selector x1 x1

Can you tell what’s in each box? Remember to CHOOSE ONLY ONE for your entry. Best of luck, Alchemists!