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Season Pass [edit | edit source]

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What Is a "Season Pass"?

Introducing a new feature - Season Pass!

The Season Pass offers rewards to all players for free!

Additionally, players can purchase a Premium Pass and gain additional rewards and progress their levels faster with more milestones!

How to Earn a "Season Level"?

Complete activities and milestones within the time frame to earn Season Points to advance your Season Level. There are many rewards and Gems to be claimed from the Season Levels.

Players earn Season Points by completing:
- Season Milestones
- Story and Event Quests
- Clearing Event EX Quests provide even more Season Points
- Battling in the Arena

You can access Season Milestones by tapping on the button within the Season Pass feature.

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How to Claim Season Pass Rewards

You can claim rewards as you advance your Season Level. Tap on the reward to see more details and claim any earned rewards.

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If you buy a Premium Pass midway through the Season Levels, all additional rewards up to that point can also be claimed, so you will not miss out on any rewards!

<font size="1" <i="">Notes
You have to claim all the milestones and rewards within the Season Pass duration.

Purchasing a Premium Pass

A Premium Pass is available for purchase during the Season duration!

Sale Period
February 6, 12:00 AM - March 4, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Purchase Limit: 1
Price: $24.99
1250 Paid Gems
Unlocks Premium Rewards in Season Pass