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Known Issues - August 13

Dear Alchemists,

There's currently an issue with the new Genesis Challenge Board Missions: “Defeat Normal Boss” and “Defeat Hard Boss”.

It will reset when a player attempts to clear a different quest instead of clearing the same mission continuously.

We are now looking into this issue.

As a temporary workaround, please clear the same quest continuously and claim the reward immediately after completing the challenge mission.

If you encounter any related issues, we highly suggest to contact our Game Support at</a>.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Dear Alchemists,

Please be advised of the following updates to Known Issues:

Weekly Mission
We have lowered the points needed to complete the Weekly Mission from 500 & 800 to 200 & 400 for this week so that players can complete and obtain the weekly rewards. It will be back to 500 & 800 with the next reset on August 10, 23:59 (World Time).

Please note that the early Autumn Special Weekly Mission Reward - “Sinful Indulgence" will end on September 6, 23:59 (World Time).

PotK Coin Exchange Shop

Due to the PotK Coins being unavailable earlier than intended, we have extended the PotK Coins and exchange shop duration for 1 more day (August 7 00:00 PST to 23:59 World Time).

Developer's Challenge

We have fixed the Quest Mission from "No Death" to "Clear without mercenary". The skills issue for the quest has also been fixed.

Grand 4+★ Memento 10-Summon

Players were able to obtain “A Love So Tender” with a bonus "Greed Dike Relief" as previously indicated in the summon banner.
However, this is not intended and we have now updated the summon to give a bonus “Gluttony Relief” instead as of August 7 (World Time).
For affected players who summoned before August 7 (World Time), we will be sending "Gluttony Relief" x1 within 7 days.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and continued support.

Attention Alchemists,
Please take note of the following updates to Known Issues:

[FIXED] Roxanne Job+ Icon Color

Roxanne’s “Vivacious Socialite” Job Icon previously had the wrong color gradient. This is now fixed.

Weekly Mission Reward Points

Weekly Mission Reward points have been unintentionally reset after today's update. We are currently looking into this issue.

Developer's Challenge

- There's a Developer's Challenge Quest Mission that cannot be cleared at the moment.

- The following Skills are not working as intended, and will fail to summon a unit:

Phantom Summon - Summons a frivolous captain of the Holy Guard
Phantom Summon - Summons a shrine maiden from Wadatsumi

We are now looking into these issues.

New info will be announced as soon as they are available.

Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.