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Monthly Updates - December

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Genesis Chapter 1 – Part 2
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The tension rises in December as we continue further into the Genesis Saga! Nimul, Emmel, and our other heroes have set the wheels of fate into motion following the events of Part 1, but now they must steel themselves to face the consequences of their decisions! Join our heroes as they confront the disasters ravaging the land of Sephira, and aid them in their fight to wrest control of their future from the wicked hands of destiny! For those strong enough, challenge the event raid bosses for a chance to earn unique enlightenment materials for Yna Ku!

Dark Phantoms (Part 3)
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The Phantom Event continues with the arrival of more Dark Units, alongside more stages, challenge missions, and rewards to be earned! Take on the challenging event bosses to earn event coins and redeem them at the event summon to claim a wide variety of prizes! Looking to power up your newly summoned Dark warriors? Take them into the Hard Quests to battle for their soul shards!

Main Story – Chapter 5

The trials of Kamui and the Sephira continue in Episode 2 of Chapter 5, as the battle for Sephiron and the Sephira Village comes to a decisive end! Fight alongside Waginau and take on Ceclidis as the transformation of Cryphone nears completion, and the destruction of the village draws ever nearer!

Andante of the Dead Nine

Bear witness to the fated encounter between Zwei, Neun, and Sol, and uncover the backstory behind these influential members of the Veda Templars! Neun receives his Job+ upgrade, which can be upgraded by earning equipment pieces from the event stages. Watch Zwei grow stronger as well on their journey by collecting her job equipment and gear pieces along the way!

Winter Holidays

It’s the season of joy, and it just wouldn’t feel like a proper holiday without our Global-Exclusive units joining in on the festivities! Join Soren as he pays a visit to the remote village of Tröstendorf, where strange occurrences and peculiar sightings compel him to aid the town’s resident mechanic in investigating the mystery. Along the way, you just might encounter one or two of the new additions to our global roster!

Unit Upgrades
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Plenty of units will be receiving presents this holiday season, in the form of new enchanted job upgrades and enlightenment! Limit break and level up these unit’s jobs to access their Enchanted Jobs, unlocking new skills and specialized roles. Upon reaching level 85, unlock and upgrade an enlightened unit’s various Gates of Sin for powerful stat boosts and skill enhancements! Be sure to look out for our social media and in-games news for more information on the units that will be receiving these upgrades!

That’s a wrap for December’s updates for now! We have more exciting things waiting in the wings, so be sure to keep up to date with the details by checking out our social media and regular news updates!