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Enlightenment, Unit, and Enchanted Job Updates!

News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news header GL Enlightenment Lotiyah Neica Victor EN 1586248207522.png
Enlightenment Updates

After the update on April 9, Enlightenment will be available for the following units:
Lotiyah / Tethys

News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner enlightenment LOTIYAH EN 1586248707143.png
News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner enlightenment Tethys EN 1586248836689.png

After the update on April 9, Enlightenment gates of Gluttony and Wrath will be available for the following units:
Neica / Victor / Minerva

News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner enlightenment NEICA EN 1586249089024.png
News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner enlightenment VICTOR EN 1586249167300.png
News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner enlightenment Minerva EN 1 1586337152983.png

Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following units!

Minerva Battle Mage [Luminous Form]
Lotiyah Mystic Hunt Twin-Blade Swordsman
Victor Mist Twin-Blade Swordsman
Tethys Cold Chamber Necromancer

Unit/Job Improvements and Updates

With this update, the following unit and job have been improved:


Unit Improvements
- Adjusted stats

Battle Mage

Skill Improvements
Drain Dimension
- Increased buff effect

Luminous Chant
- Increased debuff effect

Enlightenment Skills

With this release, Enlightenment Skills will be available for the following "Rod" type gear.

Scepter of Sin Luxuria / Poison Rod / Lightning Rod / Silencing Rod / Charming Rod / Binding Scepter / Green Rod of Wisdom / Blue Rod of Sagacity / Sanctuary Rod / Silencing Rod / Harmony Rod / Staff of Rich Harvest / Good-Luck Staff [Kumadesu] / Staff of Thriving Business / Illusion Rod / Takemikazuchi / Umbrella Staff / Helkovara Family Staff / Nina's Pointing Stick / Easter Star Rod

Gear Enlightenment Skill Challenge Board
News,453707fe-aec6-525f-bd3a-53c716058c51,news banner Gear Enlightenment Rod EN 1585989312720.png

Campaign Period
April 9, 12:00 AM - April 22, 11:59 PM (World Time)
April 9, 1:00 AM - April 23, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Complete set 1 to obtain 5★ Staff Gear Summon Ticket!

Use this ticket to summon one 2-4★ gear that has already been evolved to 5★

・Challenge rewards will be sent to Gifts.