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Sacred Stone Memories - A Wish that Transcends Space and Time (Part Two) [edit | edit source]

[Available after update on July 18]

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The truth behind justice and willpower...
The heroes that gaze upon the Sacred Stones are ready to bring the battle to an end.

Class change Kanon from Elite Knight to Lord Commander!

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Clear the event and complete the Milestone Mission to obtain the job tokens and job equipment needed for Lord Commander.

You can also obtain up to 150 Kanon Soul Shards in the Milestone Mission!

Class Change Skill Highlight
News,46438973-10f5-5d5d-9964-f840870a8054,news banner canon job skill EN 1562841769705.png

New Skill Added!
Brave Innocence
Light Slash attack on enemy unit & raises Slash ATK Power for three turns [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Flashing Judgment → Flashing Referee
Light Slash attack on enemy unit & interrupts skill cast & inflicts Stun & strong vs demons [Range: 5, Height Range: 3]

News,46438973-10f5-5d5d-9964-f840870a8054,ui EventQuest bnn 94 1 EN 1562841686663.png

Clear the event to also obtain unique job equipment for Orion!

Clear EX Stage to obtain Event Exclusive Gear for Orion and evolve it to 5★ to unlock the Master Ability!

News,46438973-10f5-5d5d-9964-f840870a8054,news banner orion gear EN 1562944642136.png

Leo Falchion
Attributes: PATK Up, AGI Up, Initial Jewels Up, Chance of all ATK Up for Thunder units (Once evolved to 5★, stackable up to 3x), Enables Master Ability "Leo Genesis" when evolved to 5★ and equipped on Orion (Thunder Slash attack on enemy units within area around self & inflicts Dmg on target's Jewels & casts Jewel Auto Charge on self for three turns [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3])

You can also obtain up to 120 Kanon Soul Shards from the EX Quest Missions!

Obtain more Kanon Soul Shards from the EX and EX+ stage and enlighten her!

EX Stage Available in Multiplay as well!

Sacred Stone Memories 6 update

Two Swords, Two Wills [EX+] will also be available! You can obtain Kagura Soul Shards and enlighten her!

Sacred Stone Memories Hard Quest
News,46438973-10f5-5d5d-9964-f840870a8054,ui EventQuest bnn 56 0 EN 1562841716823.png

Event Period
July 18, 12:00 AM - July 24, 11:59 PM (World Time)
July 18, 1:00 AM - July 25, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Hard Quest will be available for the following Sacred Stone Memories units during the event period!

Clear their respective Hard Quest 3 times a day to collect the Unit Shards!

Unit Soul Shard Hard Quest Unlock Condition
Cadanova Clear Sacred Stone Ch 1 - Ep 10
Kudanstein Clear Sacred Stone Ch 2 - Ep 10
Seida Clear Sacred Stone Ch 3 - Ep 10
Monzein Clear Sacred Stone Ch 3 - Ep 10
Yauras Clear Sacred Stone Ch 4 - Ep10
Zain Clear Sacred Stone Ch 4 - Ep10
Othima Clear Sacred Stone Ch 5 - Ep 10
Miuna Clear Sacred Stone Ch 6 - Ep 10
Basheeny Clear Sacred Stone Ch 7 - Ep 10

Half AP - Sacred Stone Event
News,46438973-10f5-5d5d-9964-f840870a8054,news header sacred stone quest halfap EN 1562841704008.png

Campaign Period
July 18, 12:00 AM - July 24, 11:59 PM (World Time)
July 18, 1:00 AM - July 25, 12:59 AM (PDT)

For a limited time, enjoy half AP for all Sacred Stone Normal and EX stages! Take the chance to clear the Event!

・Sacred Stone Hard Quest and Multiplay are excluded.