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[New Unit] Adaleigh Unit Introduction

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[Available after update on August 6]

For a limited time, Adaleigh will be available as a Mercenary at no cost. Take the chance to try out the unit in your battles!

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Leader Skill
Raging Fire's Heartbeat
Raises HP by 40%/PATK by 20%/Strike ATK Power by 20%/Missile Res by 20% for Fire units

Job: Engineering Alchemist
Fixed Ability: War Machine
Basic Ability: Basic War Machine
Reaction: [Pilfering Apparatus] Restoration (After receiving Dmg, absorbs HP of enemy unit & lowers PATK for three turns & also activated by skill attacks [Range: Square (3), Height Range: 2])
Passive 1: Gifted Engineer (Raises Max HP/AGI)
Passive 2: Magic Module (Raises PATK/DEX)

Adaleigh is a talented engineer who has invented such marvels as the Engineer Soldiers in the Acedia Belt Region. He has great confidence in himself; not because he sees himself as a genius, but because he works hard and is passionate about what he does. Although a prodigal genius who became an engineer at a very young age, he's still a charming young man who worries about his small stature.

Enlightenment Details
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Enchanted Job Updates

Enchanted Job will also be unlocked for the following unit!

Adaleigh Warrior [Muspell]
Projective Blacksmith

New Job Trial Mission

August 6, 12:00 AM - August 19, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 6, 1:00 AM - August 20, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Use Adaleigh or a mercenary Adaleigh to clear a quest and claim the milestone to obtain Gems and Adaleigh Soul Shards!

  • Playable multiple times during the limited period.

[1/Day]Soul Shard Quest
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August 6, 12:00 AM - August 19, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 6, 1:00 AM - August 20, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Clear the quest once per day to obtain Unit Soul Shards for Adaleigh.

You can play this quest up to a maximum of 7 times.

Babel War Arts - Adaleigh Edition
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New Skill Added!
[Combustion] Noise
Fire Strike ATK on enemy units within area around self & halves CT [Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 2]