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[Rerun] Steel-lined Wedding Aisle [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
January 9, 12:00 AM - January 22, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Quest Details
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Clear the Event Milestone Mission to obtain event exclusive Memento - "No Tears for the Bride" which will unlock the Bride skin for Fiona!

You can also obtain up to 150 Don Taras Soul Shards in the Milestone Mission!

Steel-lined Wedding Aisle [EX]
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Play the EX stage to increase the Alchemic Boundary for the Mementos - "No Tears for the Bride" and "The Smoky Blues"!

Fiona’s Memento - No Tears for the Bride
・EX Stage: 100% Chance to increase 1% Alchemic Boundary
・EX+ Stage: 100% Chance to increase 5% Alchemic Boundary

Don Taras’s Memento - The Smoky Blues
・EX Stage: ~10% chance to increase 0.5% ~ 5% Alchemic Boundary
・EX+ Stage: ~20% chance to increase 0.5% ~ 5% Alchemic Boundary

・You can obtain Fiona from the Memento in the Fiona Challenges.
・You can only transmute 1 copy of the Vision Clear Reward "Veil of Determination".
・Don Taras is a special unit that can only be received through the Memento "The Smoky Blues"
・Don Taras cannot be transmuted with soul shards.
・The Memento “The Smoky Blues” may be obtained via selected Summons.