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Grand 5★ Memento 10-Summon

Grand 5★ Memento 10-Summon
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Summon Period
May 9, 12:00 AM - May 10, 11:59 PM (World Time)
May 9, 1:00 AM - May 11, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Featured Mementos


News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS LUST AMBROSIA 01 1588500119372.png

5★ Sin Heaped Upon the World (New) (Limited)

News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS GREED EMMEL 01 1573292900086.png

5★ A Love So Tender (Limited)

News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS GREED KU IENA 01 1573292910855.png

5★ Polish, Create, Results (Limited)

News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS LUST ST MELA 01 1577352122948.png

5★ To Bridge the Times (Limited)

News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS LUST NIKUSU 01 1578654635121.png

5★ Hope Etched in Snow (Limited)

News,55727a93-9055-5e9a-a2c1-0af764f317a0,TS GLUTTONY JUURIA 01 1575366194713.png

5★ A Prayer and a Wish (Limited)

Summon Rates
5★ = 6%
4★ = 15%
3★ = 79%

・Summon Coins will not be sent to Gifts but will be directly received.
・Unspent Summon Coins will expire and be converted into Shared Free Gems after the Summon Coin Shop resets. The converted Gems will be sent to Gifts within 24hrs.
・Summons exclude Collaboration, Global Original and Limited Mementos unless featured or listed on banner and summon details.