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[Event] Summer Sports Meet - 2 new stages added! [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
August 29, 12:00 AM - September 11, 11:59 PM (World Time)
August 29, 1:00 AM - September 12, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Take part in the Summer Sports Meet and collect Summer Sports Meet Coins which can be used to exchange for awesome items in the Summer Sports Meet Coin Exchange Shop!

There will be 2 new events in this Sports Meet.
・Summer Sports Meet (Obstacle Race)
・Summer Sports Meet (Dilga Statue Crush)

Please note that you will need to clear Ch 1: Ep 1 [3-10] to unlock this event!

Summer Sports Meet (Obstacle Race)

Race towards the green panel goal by destroying walls before the rival reaches their red panel goal!

Random enemies will appear and be in your way.

You can also receive beneficial effects from the blue panels!

You cannot defeat the “Demon” on the blue panel so perhaps you can attack somewhere else?

If you attack the “Demon Referee”, you will receive a lot of damage.

If you trespass into your rival's course, you will be disqualified for breaking the rules, so be careful!

Summer Sports Meet (Dilga Statue Crush)

Repel enemies who are going after your Dilga statue and aim to crush Gormalas statue first!

You can receive beneficial effects from the blue panels!

Summer Sports Meet (Magic-Ball Game)

The referee will decrease the initial jewels to 0 and the number of jewels needed for skills are also decreased.

Pick up the dropped jewels to use magic!

By picking up jewels you can destroy blocks and find areas that give Auto Jewel Regen!

The player will be forced to leave if the player enters an area with a Demon. A word of warning!

Summer Sports Meet (Relay)

After stepping on any blue panel in each area, you must defeat Referee Ratty!

Stepping on green panels you will receive effective boosts!

Stepping on red panels may cause demerits.

Try to get the rivals to step on red panels instead to cause a jam.

Summer Sports Meet Coin Exchange Shop
News,55de1216-541c-507f-88a2-e0a6e0e2730f,news banner SummerSports ExchangeShop EN 1566731413105.png

Ouroboros's Medal Shard
Various Job Equipment
Gold Ingots
Crystal Apple
Gold Alchemia Pot
Mithril Ore

・You can only transmute 1 copy of the Event Gear "Ouroboros's Medal"