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[Rerun] Magni Historia [edit | edit source]

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,EventBanner Magni Historia EN 1529404771696.png

Event Period
May 30, 12:00 AM - June 12, 11:59 PM (World Time)
May 30, 1:00 AM - June 13, 12:59 AM (PDT)

Episode 1: Overture

Clear the EX stage to obtain an event exclusive gear, Wanderer's Hat!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner siegfried masterability EN 1555589895171.png

Wanderer's Hat
Attributes: HP Up, Status Res Up, Max Jewel Up, Luck Up

Equip Wanderer's Hat to Siegfried to unlock his Master Ability, Winds of Favor!

Winds of Favor
Raises Evasion rate and Slash ATK for 3 Turns

Episode 2: Deliverance
News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,ui EventQuest bnn g mh 2 EN 1535034802482.png

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner soren EN 1555325155259.png

Complete the Event Quest Missions to obtain Soren Soul Shards and collect 150 shards to Summon!

Clear the EX stage to obtain unique Job Equipment for Shion!

Clear the EX stage to also obtain Siegfried’s unique sword Gear - Gram & Balmung which will unlock his devastating master ability!

Collect 80 shards to transmute Gram & Balmung!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner siegfried grambalmung EN 1535266275324.png

Gram & Balmung
Attribute: PATK, PDEF Up, (Crit & Luck Up added when evolving to 4★, Chance of PDEF down on target when attacking added when evolving to 5★)
Enables Master Ability when equipped on Siegfried when his job type is "Wandering Swordsman"

Equip Gram & Balmung to Siegfried to unlock his Master Ability, Devastating Finish!

Devastating Finish
Inflicts 5-hit Light Slash Dmg that ignores DEF on target enemy unit & raises own PATK and AGI for three turns [Range: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3]

Episode 3: The Rendezvous
News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,EventBanner Magni Historia 3 EN 1539137737127.png

Clear the Event to obtain unique Job Equipment for Roxanne!

Clear the EX stage and Milestone Missions to obtain Roxanne’s unique Pistol - Vulkan!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner roxanne magnihistoria EN 1539565752272.png

Attribute: Dex Up, AGI Up, Crit Up (Chance of DEX Up for 3 turns when evolved to 4★)

You can also obtain Shion’s unique Katana - Akatsuki!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner shion gear EN 1539565736772.png

Attribute: PATK Up, AGI Up, DEX Up, Charm (Chance of reducing Jewel use for 3 turns when evolved to 4★)

Episode 4: Discovery
News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,EventBanner Magni Historia 4 EN 1544492931642.png

Clear the event to obtain unique Job Equipment as well as a unique gear - Illuminator for Minerva!

Attributes: MATK Up, AGI Up, LUCK Up, Evasion Up (4+★: Gains chance of PDEF Up for 3 turns when attacking)

You can also obtain Soren Soul Shards by completing the Quest Objectives!

Clear event to obtain another event exclusive gear - Trusty Critter – Chip!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner soren new gear EN 1546246446391.png

Trusty Critter - Chip
Attributes: MATK Power Up, Eva Rate Up

Magni Historia Side Story: Moonlit Respite
News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,ui EventQuest bnn g mh ss shion EN 1547513143157.png

Clear the Limited Quest to Unlock Master Ability for Shion!

You will need to own Shion to enter this stage. Upon clearing the stage, Shion's Master Ability will be unlocked!

News,56ddc479-5fb0-56ec-8b51-3fb83bada7ed,news banner shion tsubakinomai EN 1547513156087.png

Tsubaki no Mai
Inflict Slash Dmg (High) to enemies in target area and lower their PDEF for 3 turns. Raise Slash Power and Evasion of self for 3 turns. Effective against Humans. (Range: 4, Area: Diamond (5), Height Range: 3)

Clear event to also obtain Shion Soul Shards, Akatsuki Shards, Gems and more!

Event Special Condition:
Unit Restricted to Soren

Play Magni Historia Episode 2: Deliverance to obtain Soren!

・Milestone Missions can only be cleared once, if you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.