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January Producer’s Letter [edit | edit source]


Happy New Year everyone! As we move into a new year, I would like to thank everyone for an amazing 2019. Many new features were added over the past year and The Alchemist Code became a better experience for everyone. The journey is far from over and as we enter a new year, the team is ready to surprise you with more content and features to delight you.

Making our Global Original units is one of the things that we have undertaken over the years and is a continued journey where we try out new concepts as well as learn from experiences and your interactions in the game to make content that you will appreciate and to surprise you.

Here is a small visual tour of some of the work that happens before they are unveiled to you in their final states.

News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,eira 12 1577957627594.jpg
News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,eira3 1577957639759.png

Eira underwent many changes to best fit the background and character that we intended. The key aspects of her character should be conveyed through just the visual design. Then the rest are discovered through stories and various aspects of gameplay.

News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,blair sketch 1577957714237.jpg
News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,Blair 1234 1577957722472.png
News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,Blair garments 1577957730739.jpg

Much of Blair’s character is displayed through her attire, posture and the various tools and items within the art. Before even referring to her job, you can guess what is her vocation.

News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,Blair item 1577957736338.png

All our designs take account of their lore & background. Where have we seen this before?

News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,teaser 123 1577957745308.png

Here’s a sneak at the work that have been keeping us busy

This is just a fraction of the various processes and iterations behind our Global Original content. We will be counting on your continued support for the future and we are always aiming to make the experience better and better, day after day!

Enjoy the gifts we have prepared for you with this letter and get ready to reach higher achievements with your favorite units. We will be continuing to hand out more Summon Discount Tickets in January as we usher in the start of 2020 so stay alert and remember to collect and use them!

Once more, Happy New Year fellow Alchemists and let’s have another memorable year ahead with many smiles and joyful moments in Babel, Huzzah!

News,5dd7b2d5-3df8-5f83-b399-4d29c50b8856,Producer 1577957754573.png

Ross Song