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[New Feature] About Enlightenment Skills and Gear [edit | edit source]

[Available after update on January 30]

What are "Enlightenment Skills"?
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,news banner gear enlightenment EN 1580264951018.png

A new function! Introducing enlightenment skills!

Acquire skills by equipping certain gear and meeting requirements in quests! New skills can be derived!

Apply a sword enlightenment skill!

An example!
Flame Rend of Envy

4-hit Fire Slash ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Envy) & raises Power if Fire unit [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]

"Enlightenment Skill" is a skill acquired by meeting requirements in quests.

Skills can be strengthened with deriving materials or enhancement materials.

Learning Enlightenment Skills

Rank 1 Rank 2
Rank 3
Skill A Skill C
Skill C+
Skill A Skill D Skill D +
Skill B Skill D Skill D +
Skill B Skill E Skill E +

※Some enlightenment skills exclusive to characters.

With this release, Enlightenment Skills will be available for the following "Sword" type gear.
• Dazzling Blade
• Mystic Blade Tyrfing
• Dark Corpse-Slasher
• Eradication Blade Almace
• Scarlet Flame Guard's Sword - White-Silver
• Sparkling Crystal Sword Lumiere
• Excalibur
• Sword of Sin Indivia
• Poison Fang Blade
• Blade of Silence
• Electrospike Blade
• Charming Blade
• Crowley Sword
• Mirage Sword
• Sunblade Prometheus

List of Learned Skills
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,e190338 explain 02 EN 1580283570967.png

※The following are some examples.
※Some ranks 3 skill effects will be introduced later.

Skill Effects

Blade Waltz
Derived from: Dancing Blade
After moving, Slash ATK on enemy unit & absorbs Jewels [Range: 4, Height Range: 2]

Wall of Blades
Derived from: Cross Sweep
Slash ATK on units within area that increases in Power according to own PDEF [Range: 3, Area: Cross (3), Height Range: 2]

Flame Rend of Envy
Derived from: Tri-Blaze
4-hit Fire Slash ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Envy) & raises Power if user is a Fire unit [Range: 3, Height Range: 2]

How to learn an "Enlightenment Skill"
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,news banner gear enlightenment screenshot EN 1580265081189.png

If an enlightenment skill is learned, it will appear on screen!

Equip 5★ gear at Level 30 and clear the quest with the stated requirements to learn the skill.

How to set an "Enlightenment Skill"
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,1 EN 1 1580028048696.png
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,2 Set On EN 1580028063415.png

To confirm what "Enlightenment Skill" can be received from which gear:
・"Menu" on top right of the home screen > Gear > "Enlightenment Skill" tab
Only gear at Level 30 for enlightenment skills are displayed.

Enlightenment skills are available for use in battle by equipping the necessary gear in the gear details menu.
The set enlightenment skill can be confirmed in the gear menu.
The skill will not be displayed if the enlightenment skill is not set.

How to enhance "Enlightenment Skills"
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,4 Enhance EN 1580028073707.png

・The following gear can be used as enhancement material for strengthening enlightenment skills.
・Materials that can be used as enhancement material
・The same gear raised to Level 30
・It is possible to use even if the enhancement skill hadn't been learned
・Gear with the same enlightenment skill learned
・Other gear can be used
※Only for enhancing rank 3's enlightenment skill.

※It is possible to enhance by using enlightenment skills during Quests.

How to reset "Enlightenment Skills"
News,616e0156-b34c-5d95-af93-2671786a0d91,5 Reset EN 1580028082211.png

If the amount of Zeni is depleted and reset, it will lower the enlightenment skill rank by 1.

Rank and reset

Before Resetting After Resetting
Rank 1 Not Learned
Rank 2 Rank 1
Rank 3 Rank 2


・Enlightenment skills or leveling up will not occur if skip tickets are used to clear quests, or in the following contents:
Multiplay Quests / Arena / Battle / Tower Quests / Shadow Plane Karma
・Enhanced gear or Zeni will not be refunded after resetting.

  • For collab gear, they will be implemented in the future in collaboration periods.
  • Details are subject to change.